Do you think greatness is external, something that exists outside of you? When you think of greatness, what is the image you get? What do you equate with greatness?

Without a doubt, most people would immediately get an image of someone famous: a celebrity or an athlete.

John F. Kennedy — greatness.
Martin Luther King, Jr. — greatness.
Nelson Mandela — greatness.
Oprah Winfrey — greatness.

For sport fans: Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Jerry Rice, and Wayne Gretsky — greatness.

The list is endless of people or images of greatness that come to mind. And I bet that no one included themselves in this list of great people.


It also has nothing to do with possessions.

So what is greatness?

Greatness is about knowing how highly significant you are and choosing to walk in your purpose regardless of your current circumstances or situations, regardless of your past.

Greatness is living your life with clear purpose and passion, overcoming all obstacles in pursuit of your vision — your intended destination.

The individuals I referenced previously all lived and walked in their purpose or calling. That is what made them greatness.

Fame, money or wealth is only a by-product of someone walking in their greatness, purpose or calling. It is NOT what makes them great. So again, without any of those things, greatness still exists.

When you think about greatness, don't look to celebrities or other affluent people for your definition of greatness. Tap into what dwells on the inside of you. What speaks to you? What inspires you? What do you yearn for? What is YOUR purpose?

When you think about greatness, think about these traits:
o Endurance;
o Perseverance;
o Power;
o Confidence.

These are just some of the traits of greatness. You have these traits already, but you must choose to develop, nurture and walk in these traits.

And yes, you must do so even if you are afraid or uncertain of what the path is ahead of you. Greatness is not allowing anything to stand in the way of you achieving your deepest desires, living your most fulfilled life.

YOU are greatness! Discover it. Embrace it. Walk in it.

Open a notebook and create three buzz words — powerful, thought provoking words — that will define your greatness. Use those words to remind yourself of just how much power you have. Begin to walk in your own definition of greatness today.

Until next time, remember "There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it." — Napoleon Hill

With definiteness of purpose,
Gwen Thibeaux

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Gwen Thibeaux is a motivational teacher, speaker and author of “Embracing the Greatness Within: A Journey of Purpose and Passion.” Gwen is also founder and director of EYG Academy and Training Institute which provides workshops, programs and services that inspire performance improvement, leadership development, change management and personal development. For more information, visit the website. Need a speaker or want to bring a workshop to your group? Call 888-319-6343 or send an email to