In my earlier articles for I talked about how our sick house caused my husband’s death from cancer and my former neurological problems. In this Article #5 for the question is: How do I Know if I’m Living in a Sick House? What are the Diseases and Symptoms Caused by Geopathic and Electromagnetic Stresses?

The two clues I mentioned in Article #2 were that I noticed that when I was away from home I always felt better; and that both Don, my husband, and I kept getting sicker, despite doing really good therapies. Do you recognize either or both of these clues in you or a family member? Are you not getting healthier and feeling better, despite doing really good therapies? If your answer is YES to either one of these questions, then you may be feeling the effects of geopathic stress.

The diseases and symptoms vary depending upon the type of geopathic stress and our own inherent weaknesses. The diseases can range from cancer as my husband had which ran in his family with both parents and his sister, his only sibling, all dying from cancer to neurological disorders like I had from the same environment that caused Don’s cancer. So it was our own inherent weaknesses that determined our illnesses. Other common illnesses can be chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, colds, insomnia, strokes, migraines, heart conditions, learning disabilities, infertility, most any illness.

Geopathic stress can cause or trigger most any disease, it’s not just cancer, although that is where most of the research has been focused. Cancer and other chronic illnesses are the end-result, with many other common signs, symptoms, aches and pains developing long before any illness. We need to listen to our body and pay attention to the cause of our early symptoms and resolve them before they develop into a life-threatening or debilitating disease.

Problems sleeping is a primary and early symptom. Don and I both had trouble sleeping in our sick house. A client in Colorado mentioned she was sleeping better as the first thing she noticed after neutralizing the geopathic stress in her home. That tells me that there was geopathic stress where the beds were.

Headaches are another early symptom that I had. A client’s daughter told me that she and her sister who she shared a room with had frequent headaches. When they went to college, their headaches disappeared, but would come back again when they were at home.

There can be extreme fatigue to almost complete collapse which is where I was when I moved out of our sick house. One client was so exhausted that she talked about not being able to take care of herself, much less the weeks of dirty dishes that were always in her sink and her house that looked on the inside like a tornado had hit it.

Other common symptoms are no appetite; upset stomach with vomiting which I also had. That’s my sign that I’m releasing more radiation from my body. Symptoms can include depression, including being suicidal. One client told me after she was better that she had been suicidal. That was about five years ago. I hear from her once or twice a year now and her improvement has been dramatic.

Another client who was exhausted was a farmer in his 60s who had never felt any energy and always had to push himself. After neutralizing the geopathic stress in his farmhouse where he had lived all of his life, he had energy for the first time in his life.

The list continues: undiagnosed aches and pains; trouble concentrating or doing any mental work or clear thinking. One client mentioned that the second day after neutralizing the geopathic stress she felt like an anesthesia of the body and brain fog was lifting; nervousness; night sweats; cramps; feeling cold in bed; grinding teeth; increased heart rate in bed, again almost any symptoms.

To recap this, if you cannot tell how sick your house is from any illness, from your symptoms, by watching your pets, from not getting better after doing therapies that should be working, or by how you feel when you are away from home, then you can learn to test where the geopathic stress is in your home. It’s all detailed starting on page 243 in my book: Our Energetic Evolution in Healing: Free Yourself for the Unseen Forces That Can Make You Sick.

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“Sick House” survivor, Karen Mileson, has been a researcher and practitioner in the natural health field for over 40 years. She is also the author of a book entitled: Our Energetic Evolution in Healing: Free Yourself From the Unseen Forces That Can Make You Sick. Ms. Mileson has learned about healing the hard way – from her life-or-death search to uncover the mysterious cause of her husband’s cancer and subsequent death and its connection to her previous illness, ranging from extreme fatigue to severe neurological symptoms.
Her struggle to survive led to the startling discovery of the source of these unseen life-threatening forces lurking in her home that many doctors believe can cause cancer, multiple sclerosis and other chronic diseases. Then follow her journey to develop the powerful neutralizer – ENERGEMS – to heal your “Sick Home” and your environment. Learn how her new energetic cleansing and healing system has helped many others as well as changing her life to make it worth living again – and can do the same for you.
Karen literally went from wheel chair to ski bum and now lives near Aspen, CO and enjoys being able to do whatever she chooses – from skiing all winter to even having her first indoor sky diving lesson recently. She is now healthier in her 60’s than she was in her 40’s and soon she expects her 30’s!
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