Since several states have legalized the use of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, there are several dispensaries in each legal state. However, some customers are still reluctant to decide if they should buy marijuana from a local vendor or a dispensary. No doubt dispensaries will have a legal and authentic form of marijuana, but that doesn’t mean we are degrading local vendors. 

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Here are the pros and cons of purchasing marijuana from dispensaries and local vendors.


  • The only way to legally buy marijuana in states that have legalized it for recreational and medical use is to buy it from a licensed marijuana shop.
  • Cannabis flowers, edibles, extracts, topicals, and other cannabis items are available for purchase at weed dispensaries. Your regular dealer is unlikely to have access to the variety of products available at a dispensary.
  • When you buy marijuana from a dispensary, you know the quality of the weed you're getting for your money, as well as the THC and CBD percentages. There is also information on which terpenes are found in dispensary cannabis.
  • Before marijuana is offered in a dispensary, it goes through a rigorous quality control process to verify that it is of good quality and safe for consumption.
  • Cannabis stores are springing up throughout legalized marijuana states, and each new outlet creates jobs, which helps the economy.
  • Patients with qualifying medical conditions can choose from a wide range of medicinal cannabis products available at dispensaries.
  • Buying marijuana from a dispensary is more expensive than buying it from a pot dealer or seller on the illicit market. When you go to a dispensary, most marijuana dispensaries only accept cash for cannabis transactions, so bring enough cash to cover both the marijuana items and taxes.

Local vendor 

  • Even in jurisdictions that have legalized marijuana, buying from dealers on the black market is still illegal. This implies you won't be able to buy weed from friends or relatives, just like you won't be able to buy it from your local pot dealer.
  • If you're caught with illicit marijuana in your possession or selling it illegally, you could face arrest, penalties, and perhaps imprisonment.
  • When buying pot from a black market dealer, you have no way of knowing what kind of cannabis product you're getting for your money.
  • When buying marijuana from a black market dealer, you can get a terrific deal. The more you buy the less money you'll spend on marijuana, which is often not available in a dispensary.
  • Currently, the number of dispensaries in each state is limited. Because other states have yet to legalize marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, there is little      competition for weed purchases from dispensaries.

These factors are enough to persuade you to purchase marijuana from a specific store. If you want to purchase marijuana, you should look for the best dispensary or legal store that sells high-quality items.

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