Displays are a special arrangement of any issue like a flag or anything that can be strategically located to attract the attention of passers by to advertise the contents of the display. There can be varieties of displays that are used depending upon the need of the hour and finance. Even a group of displays can be used specifically for certain purpose and can be called Display systems . To choose a display there are several factors that need to considered like demography, income and such issues which justify the viability of a display in a locality?

There are specially designed exhibition stands that are made for a particular purpose. There are customized designs for a specific need of display. The surrounding lighting decides whether reflective or non reflective material should be used for fabrication, the guest list decides whether the material should be non breakable as more children give more chance of breaking, and then the strategic placing and direction of the display so that at what mental condition the guest visits the display all these will decide on the cost and other needs of the display. Exhibition stands can be used for a single product or can be for a set of assorted products so that many of the products or only the brand name will be highlighted. Exhibition stands can also be reused if the fabricator is briefed earlier and hence designs it accordingly. It can be dismantled and redesigned with the new features needed and put to an altogether new design.

There can also be display boards. Display boards are either mechanical or digital board which can have only alphabetic display or can also have visual displays on it. So there can only be an arrangement for digital lights for moving signs on the board or it can be for visual advertisements and so forth also. The board can have some short feature type ads which will be effective in attracting the attention of the viewer more. In these display systems there can also be mechanical displays. A metal or wood or any other soft material is used for these purposes and alphabets or any other signs which need to be displayed are either put into the perforations on the board or are pressed on to it if the material is soft.

Some of the systems of displays are an assembly of more than one set of displays and hence can be used as per the need of the hour by adjusting their designs and other such issues. Once the set of arrangement is changed for any other design it turns into something different and so can yield a better result. The systems are sometimes very advances technologically and are set in a single arrangement so that it is tough to separate them as units and this is one benefit that the changed arrangements can not be easily dissected.

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