In the age of technology, where everything is interconnected, financial businesses are regulated to save more time and resources as they have to meet the growing customer needs. We have already entered the digital revolution, where businesses have transformed into the digital space and are aligning their offerings as early as possible. The bottom line is to think big and act according to the changing needs of the current situation.

With the rise in digital products, the chances of data breaches, cyber hacks, and other fraudulent activities have also increased. After witnessing such a dilemma, businesses have started realizing the importance of Regtech.

While the digital market is the future of the Regtech industry, more and more companies are lining up their contracts and business with the Regtech companies. If it was not for the regulation of information technology to enhance regulatory processes, Regtech would not have existed. But since Information Technology is all around us, Regtech is here to minimize the risk of human error by automating the process.

Regtech companies have their back in the digital part and the business compliance or to say it is the yin and yang of the industry, completing the circle of compliance. Having a Regtech company by your side means entrepreneurs and innovators can focus on the big things. It has become the strongest force in the world of compliance by becoming the centralized regulatory platform for all the companies.

With advanced technologies like artificial intelligence or big data, these companies are capable to deliver more robust verification capabilities claiming the promising part of the industry. Today, Regtech is not just about technology or compliance, they are like any business, satisfying the client’s needs.

All this has led Insights Success to come up with the new edition of The10 Best Performing RegTech Solution Providers. Featuring as the cover story of this edition is aRMadillo® Group - a Regtech and compliance business specializing in verification data and documents for on-boarding and constant client monitoring. It covers and protects regulated businesses for Know Your Customer (KYC), Due Diligence, and Enhanced Due Diligence. It helps stop financial crime and money laundering, and information supplied helps companies prepare and pass regulator inspections which are getting tougher these days. Besides, Armadillo was the first online corporate data and onboarding compliance information system on the web, launching in June 1997.

Learn about more such Regtech companies that are disrupting the regulatory landscape by providing technologically advanced solutions to the ever-increasing demands of compliance.

Also, while flipping the pages you may come across CXO standpoints by industry experts and insightful articles drafted by our in-house editorial team.

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