The backbone of an effective email based marketing strategy includes careful consideration in which each and every message is delivered.

Relationship building is a priority for any email marketer since the stronger the bond with list members the easier it will be to promote to them. Each message sent out will serve to either strengthen or weaken the relationship you are building. The overall strategy therefore needs to consider not only long term objectives but also each individual contact by email that is made. In fact the success of your entire campaign will hinge upon each individual mailing sent out.

Every email needs to be structured towards either carrying a clear marketing message or at least containing useful content. Contact frequency and tone also play an important role in the strategy you do establish for your marketing campaign.

Here are 5 key components you will want to include in every contact by email made with list members to increase the success of the overall campaign.

Cover Only ONE Topic

Any contact by email you make with members of your list should only cover just ONE topic and that is it! This topic should be clearly stated in the subject line of your mailing. Always remember emails are meant to be relatively short messages. If you try to cover more than one topic it will only confuse readers and keep you from making your point. One email = one message!

Supply Useful Content as Well

Do not 'smother' your recipients with promotional emails but rather make it a habit more times than not to just supply useful information. Being helpful without asking anything in return is a great way to build trust and loyalty with your readers. In the long run this will make your marketing message all the more effective when you do promote anything.

Get Readers Involved

Use links to other sites or direct questions when addressing your list members in messages you send the. This serves to get readers more deeply involved in these communications you send thereby making them more receptive to any messages you are trying to convey.

Tell Reader What to Do

Specify to your readers very clearly what action it is you want them to take. Do not assume that people have gotten your point but instead clearly state both your point and what they should do NEXT!

Know & Speak to Readers Accordingly

An email marketer needs to know the 'profile' of the people on their opt in list and should address them accordingly. For instance if your list members are business professionals address them in a professional manner. On the other hand if they are young adults use a language they can best 'relate' to in order to get your message across clearly. In this way you will be better able to hit their 'hot buttons' when you are trying to communicate any messages.

The strength of your email based marketing strategy begins with each contact you make and the objectives you set. Although this strategy targets long term benefits in terms of increasing sales the email marketer must focus on how each mailing is received by their list members. The priority here is to establish a long term and trusting relationship with people in order to make any marketing message sent all the more impactful. By carefully structuring your messages according to the suggestions discussed above they will be better received and appreciated by list members. This of course will result in repeated sales from a list of trusting and appreciative list members over both the short and long term.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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