Books are one such thing that says no to anyone whoever is in need of them. These bring light into the lives of people. All the ones out there who have a collection of books in their homes, what do you do to store them in a well-organized manner?
A bookshelf for them or you just keep them here and there in your home?
If you don’t have one, then here is something for you! Have a look at the below-mentioned designs of bookshelves and give a beautiful shelter to your books.

1. Ladder bookshelves
Ladder bookshelves are one such design of bookshelf furniture that is leaning against the wall.
In these you will find that there are multiple shelves that are arranged in vertical order. And the deepest one is at the bottom and you will notice that the size gradually decreases as you go up.
You can use them for both displaying books and decorative items.
At the same time, there is one more advantage of such design, that it’s a freestanding one, so you can easily move it from one place to another without any hassle.

2. Corner bookshelves
If there are any of the unused corners in your home, it's time to bring them into use. These bookshelves turn out to be one of the most useful and practical in this case. These shelves will occupy the unused corners and instead give you so much of storage space where you can place everything.
One you will get floor shelves in this category which stand tall on the floor covering the floor space.
Another are the wall-mounted shelves, you may know them as hanging bookshelf. These are a complete space saver for your home that give a contemporary look to your walls.

3. Modular bookshelves
Modular bookshelves are one such designer bookshelves that offer plenty of space in a very small footprint. This design fits a colossal amount of books with saving the floor space. At the same time, you can get a revolving one that is easily accessible as it can be rotated and the other one is the still one in which you need to move around the shelf to access the books.

4. Barrister bookshelves
One such bookrack design, coming straight from the ancient era, this takes away all the attention in a glance. These were designed for barristers use as the name itself says.
These come with a sturdy, strong and reliable construction that can hold heavier book collection. These come with glass doors that can be retracted into the top of the shelves. You can find these designs in the old libraries.

5. In-wall bookshelves
If you are a book lover, then this one can be a dream come true for you! You need to decide the wall on which this bookshelf would be forged and then it will be permanently installed inside it.
You get to avail a huge space to store your collection of books and at the same time turn the look of your room to a completely different level.
If you have any kind of plans of frequently changing your home, then go for something else as in this the installation requires a lot of effort and it cant be changed frequently.

Conclusion :
An artistic piece of a bookshelf can add aesthetics to your home and make it even more beautiful. Have a look at the above-mentioned designs and choose your pick.

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