A superficial glance tells us that man is a weak creature but from the electric standpoint man is a wondrous and incomparable creation of the Creator. Especially the brain is such a mind boggling center that in comparison to it all scientific technology unearthed by man to date seems pale. It has many magnetic centers that act like receivers and transformers. In the cosmos infinite types of mysterious flows are there within which man knows just about one of them. The more this knowledge expands the more one gets wisdom of its infinite energy and its infinite energy streams. Maybe in comparison to today man attains more and more of this energy he might start competing with the Creator. Despite this what ever will remain to attain will be beyond our imagination. The potentials of the cosmos’ material and conscious aspects are so gigantic that it can be said to be unthinkable, infinite, limitless, beyond mind/speech etc.

It is well known that the Earth gains a lot from the sun, moon and the entire solar universe. On its basis it runs its ‘shop’. Even stars, galaxies etc external to the solar system benefits the Earth a great deal. Because it is lightweight it cannot be gauged by technology yet it cannot be said to be ordinary or mediocre. Just because something is lightweight we cannot mock at it. In fact the truth of the matter is that the more subtle an object is the more weight-age it has from the energy standpoint. Homeopathy School of Medicine with reference to this fact has given some deep and factual insights. Billions of stars/galaxies that exist in the cosmos share together their attainments. It is hence that they are interconnected. Ere anyone of them had selfishly used their attainments for themselves only the entire cosmic management would have gone haywire. And over here we would have seen only clouds of dust moving about here and there. Earth gets many minor/huge gifts from infinite cosmic energy centers and she in turn plays with them joyfully.

Just as Earth accepts gifts from interstellar space so too it contributes to it too. The focal point of the cosmos is nothing but the law of ‘give and take’. A give and take cycle goes on between the Earth and the cosmos. Similarly does it take place between micro (man/individual) and macro (world humanity). The word Pinda used for stars, galaxies etc is used for man also. Man is microcosm and it is related to other infinite conscious microcosms of the cosmos in a way comparable to the sun with the solar system. Man’s consciousness gifts its attainments to cosmic consciousness and from there itself imbibes various potentials too.

On the one hand consciousness pervades every pore of our body yet its root source is the brain. Like the Polar Magnetic Force the brain too has forces of attraction and repulsion. It attains a lot from the cosmos and gives a lot too. These centers are compared to receivers and transformers.

Man’s total personality encompasses health, character, psychic imprints, education etc. On its basis man’s talent unfolds. Talent does not mean just success in various tasks but that it includes the capability of influencing others. In an individual manner this talent can be noted as patience, enterprise, balance, discrimination, farsightedness and gentlemanliness. In ones social life it influences those whom one is related to. They are influenced and attract cooperation, goodwill and reverence. Talent can be augmented with effort. In these efforts are included mundane activities and spiritual practices too. A man executing spiritual practices via his power of resolve (Sankalpa Shakti) and austerities based on devotion to God manifest Extra Sensory Powers (ESP). It is spiritual practices that help awaken latent potentials in the deep cave of the psyche as also imbibing of scattered powerful conscious principles of the cosmos. In whom so ever this special quality augments they have the capacity to perform miraculous feats.

Heart beats are measured via ECG or Electro Cardiogram. In the same way Electro Encephalograph records thought waves that manifest due to the brain’s electrical impulses. From the mind arena based on the level of thought process many types of alpha, beta, delta rays manifest. It tells us about the type of thinking.

There are certain people whose physical frame seems ordinary, their personality also seems ordinary from a gross viewpoint. Despite this there exists so much special electrical energy within them that whatever task they perform it becomes amazing and also they always influence those who come in contact with them.

Which individual has how much Super Human Electrical Force? This can be gauged via aura around their face and divine light that lies scattered in the vicinity of their bodies. This divine aura cannot be seen by the naked eye but can be perceived only by the subtle divine eye. Today there is such technology that analyses electrical energy in the human body and to an extent radiations emanating from there. When we visualize photographs of demigods, goddesses, angels etc a halo is seen around their head region. This is nothing but special human electrical force. It is related to mundane personality and spiritual energy streams.

Dr Charles Farey in his book “Annals of Sciences Psychics” has given a description of the aura around the head of some of his patients. He further elaborates that why and what kind of differences manifest in this aura on becoming ill.

In the Pirano Hospital of Italy doctors with their eyes open had seen a blue colored aura in a woman called Annamonaro. When this light became more intense this woman started perspiring heavily. Her breathing became heavy/fast and heart beats too accelerated. In order to see for themselves this electrical state of the woman biologists, material scientists and journalists from all corners of the globe came there.

The author of the book “Physical Phenomena of Mysticism”, Herbert Thirsten has researched on such Christian mystics/saints whose faces shone with radiant divine aura despite fasting for a long time span. Especially he wrote about Annamonaro whose body had a lot of sulfides whenever she fasted for long. Ultraviolet radiations too augmented which could be seen as a radiant wheel. The great scholar Thirsten has described many such radiant saints and found that they had an extraordinary state of electricity within.

Quite some time back American scientists have published data regarding the aura around the body (especially head) of human beings. Today Russian scientists have succeeded in capturing this aura in photographs. In the 145th volume of ‘Soviet Union Letter’ a detail of this can be found. This aura does not remain as it is for long. In it there is decrease/increase which tells us what electrical movements take place within man. If more is unearthed regarding this aura, then not only the bodily state but also the movements of the brain of any individual can be gauged in depth and detail.

All activities of bodily circulation and brain’s state can be gauged not by means of blood, flesh etc but via the electrical flow which as the life force pervades every pore of our being. This verily is called human electricity. We call such people radiant, brilliant and full of divine aura. A great amount of it found in talented, progressive, enterprise based individuals.

This life electricity is different from material electricity that is used in various gadgets. We get an electrical shock on touching batteries, magnet, generator etc. Its contact help bulbs, fans, TV etc to function. The status of human electricity is different hence it does not perform such tasks. Despite this it executes those important tasks of various requirements of creatures.

A major substratum of the inner structure of cells is mitochondria. In other words you can call it the power house/electrical station of cells. Marching ahead from food, blood, flesh, bones etc ultimately in this center it takes the form of energy. This energy keeps the cell active and its collective activity is seen as creature manager. This energy can be said to be the minutest part of Prana or vital force. When this acts collectively all bodies it is called Super Prana. It is also called Cosmic Consciousness or Cosmic Prana. This Cosmic Prana also functions in the minutest energy unit cell of the Prana. Despite there being a difference of a drop and the mighty ocean yet both are mutually dependent on one another. If the Prana of each cell were not conjoined to one another Cosmic Prana could never exist. In the same way if Cosmic Prana did not exist the basis of food digestion etc would be absent and it would not be possible to circulate electrical flow like small Prana.

One of the aims of Yoga practices is to augment this conscious electrical force. It is also called mental force, vital power and soul force. Its miracles can be seen via will power.

Within Spiritual Sciences Prana Science has an independent chapter and methodology. On its basis via spiritual endeavor/Sadhana man can imbibe such a large measure of vital electricity that based on it one does not only uplift oneself both materially/spiritually but many others too.

Yoga practices incite and radiate this human electricity in a wondrous manner. If the endeavor is apt, wholesome man becomes full of vital force and divinely radiant too. With the help of the energy of imbibed vital electricity one attains mind boggling successes in various fields of life and by helping others they too get uplifted.

With reference to vital electricity anatomy scientists conclude that a major role is played by energy potential and conjoined to it impulses in the working of muscles. The classification of these electrical streams and naming is put forth as Cephalic Trizamil Nunelgia. The research scientist of Thermoleric Coupling has come to this conclusion that all the activities of the human body occur because of this electrical flow.

Everyone knows that electricity is at work in the human body. Via electrocardiography and electro-encephalography this can clearly be noted. In our blood veins we find hemoglobin that contains iron. Just as iron filings get attracted to a magnet so too our life force helps conjoin cells to one another. Its consciousness’ admixture all activities take place which we call life circulation.

Special characteristics seen in the body like brilliance, zest, freshness, zeal, enterprise, enthusiasm, steadfastness, alertness etc are results of vital energy. Hence people are called brilliant, radiant, men of austerities etc. Great leaders in the annals of world history are of this type.

Machines work with the help of energy. Man’s body too is like a machine. That electricity required for its functioning is called vital force or Prana. It is a fire which in order to keep it blazing requires external aid. Modern scientists call it ‘life electricity’.

Sleep is not merely a way to ward off tiredness or take rest. According to scientific research studies the conscious part of the brain goes into unconsciousness so that it can travel into interstellar space and imbibe electrical flows from there in a measure so required. Aerials catch radio waves. In deep sleep our unconscious (sub conscious) mind becomes of this state and from interstellar space imbibes so much electrical nourishment that the management of our bodily and mental activities runs smoothly. If you do not sleep properly these activities run haywire simply because one has not availed of this interstellar electrical nourishment. As a result man becomes tensed and groggy. Sometimes before madness takes over in a person he/she sleeps less for a few days previously. In lack of sleep this nourishment is lacking.

Bang opposite to this when this energy advances meaning when it becomes potent with the subtle body’s aid all potentials manifest. The Ritambhara Prajna or Divine Intellect can be awakened wherein even without any material means man can gain information of far off objects/people, foretelling the future and predicting weather changes. All these activities are executed via a very high stature and subtle most consciousness. Any person can understand this via even a little practice of Pranayama that the more the practice continues the intellect becomes more sharp and subtle and sleep becomes very deep. One quality of deep sleep is a lightweight feeing of the body as also joy. Further dreams that foretell future events can also be seen.

‘Novatsi News Agency’ has published news titled ‘Giving English Education’ at the time of sleep. Seeing the title itself the reader will be dumbstruck. In waking state we do read many books, teachers educate us and yet students complain that ‘I do not remember everything’. Thus it seems impossible to teach someone in deep sleep. What we would like to say is that the soul is so sensitive that via its subtle body/light it can read either while awake /asleep and thus imbibe knowledge. Any powerful person can bestow his/her thought, wisdom, divine intellect and message to another person in any state. People may not have believed this but for the fact that in a place called Dubna near Moscow (Russia) science is making all efforts to prove this fact wherein 1000 people in deep sleep are being taught the English language. The researchers maintain that in 40 days these people in deep sleep can master English in 40 days flat.

Within this program only people who can enter deep sleep are chosen to study any language. When they are in deep sleep a tape recorder of a particular language is heard by them. In deep sleep itself they learn grammar and word pronunciation. Till date such experimental data published has proved to be very successful.

On the one hand this experiment and on the other scientists’ unabated research has commenced to prove that it is not impossible to find in the subtle body (which is within the gross body) the mind and actions of its sense organs.

Because of these events which have taken place in many nations and many people residing there the attention of scientists are now drawn in this direction. Today Modern Science is forced to answer the question: Is there an existence of human beings beyond the gross physical body made of blood, bones etc? Does such an existence like a subtle body exist which can send messages to far off places and perform tasks that cannot be accomplished by the gross physical body? The act of sending human messages to far off places without any gross material means is called ‘telepathy’. The Head of Department of the Physiology section of Russia’s Leningrad University Prof Leonid Vasiliev very recently performed a rare experiment. It should be remembered that Russia’s political ideology is such that it does not only say that religion, spirituality is not required by mankind but that they opine it is like an intoxicating drug. Despite this because of such events taking place he did not fail to notice them. Prof Leonid Vasiliev via telepathy deluded researchers of a far off placed laboratory. He forced these researchers to give up performing the task they were doing and instead induced them to other activities. The researchers unknowingly were forced to abide by what Prof Leonid Vasiliev (situated in a far off place) induced them to do. They were not even aware as to what they were doing. Via this experiment Prof Leonid Vasiliev concluded that one person can influence another person via his/her power of resolve or will power (Sankalpa) and can make them dance to ones tunes. For this no material medium is required or any other means. To the extent that it can be executed even if the place is extremely far off.

Man is a factory that laughs, talks, thinks and makes decisions. In order to start a factory energy is required. It can be attained via heat from oil, steam, coal, electricity etc. The human body ‘factory’ requires energy. For this man has a self working machine given by Almighty Lord. This furnace gets heat via fuel like food, water and air. Further than this the functioning goes on, on its own. In the stomach digestive chemicals are produced not by food but by traditional energy sources. Food in fact only manufactures heat that excites these energy founts.

By itself the center of consciousness is said to be the brain and it is nourished by the blood center of the heart region. The heart gets materials from the stomach. The mouth fills the stomach with food. The mouth in turn is helped by the hand to feed it. This cycle goes on but in reality the entire body is a storehouse of power and energy. This energy is of the extraordinary electricity type. Extraordinary because unlike material electricity it does not run blindly but that only after seeing who is in front of it will its activity increase/decrease.

Human electricity is every individual’s personal and special wealth. On its basis it graces in such a manner, such give and take occurs which cannot be gained via monetary transactions. One person influences another is known to all. The greatness of association is sung by all. There are many examples of how good company benefits one and bad association brings ones downfall. This influence does not occur solely via conversation, social transaction, greed or pressure but it takes place more so because of give and take of electricity present in those individuals.

The quality of heat and electricity is that wherever things are conducive it enlarges its area of working and influence. Potent individuals full of vital force influence those who are weak minded. Of course weak people due to their pathetic state invoke compassion in powerful people and force them to give something. On seeing her little baby a mother’s breast oozes with milk and heart overflows with love. Thus when powerful people give something to the weak they never undergo any loss. Generosity based self fulfillment overcomes any lack experienced by them. From a superficial standpoint a mother who breast feeds her child loses milk and yet because of affection based satiation her emotional aspect experiences satiation.

Excess emotions means more vital force exists. Such individuals may look physically weak yet their will power/soul force is very potent and in comparison to physically strong people, they undergo lesser diseases/illnesses and are more joyful too. From the flesh standpoint someone may be very strong but because their vital force is weak they undergo various diseases and are not emotionally joyful on contacting others.

We are all aware of benefits of bodily strength, intellectual strength, wealth strength, weapon strength, authority strength etc. If only people knew about the potential and utility value of will power they would realize that its attainment exceeds importance of all benefits enumerated above. Soul force not only makes us radiant but that it has the capacity to influence others in the mundane world and imbibe help/cooperation from them. Some people have the capacity to perform otherwise strenuous tasks quite deftly/easily. The reason is that their inner personality is very potent and is the basis of all round success. If only our intense efforts march ahead in this direction verily we will have the true capacity of being truly powerful in a wholesome way.

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