One of the most inevitable laboratory equipments in the domain of biomedical or biological research is an Incubator Shaker, which is also known as shaking incubators or environmental shakers.

Just as the name implies, an incubator shaker is a single integrated unit capable of performing the functions of shakers and incubators. This functional amalgamation carries a lot of advantages for this equipment which is used widely for many research experimentations and other innovative findings in the fields of medicine, biology, pharmacy and environmental protection.

They are even used on robotic platforms and systems in Lab Automation to create a self-contained temperature-controlled area as incubator shakers are designed to provide uniform and controlled conditions of temperature and pressure. Still its main application lies in the domain of Microbiology, bacteriology and metabolism research as the equipment is used for diverse research experiments on hybridization, germ culture, cell aeration, a host of biochemical reactions, artificial bacterial cultivation, and other applications requiring both high temperature and oscillation frequency.

In order to obtain precise results in the research activities in microbiological and biomedical fields, optimum conditions of controlled pressure and temperature are mandatory. Along with providing stable temperature conditions, an incubator shaker also employs an orbital agitation at variable speeds which promotes the growth of cell cultures and bacterial tissues. Scientists can use these bacterial cells for various research and studies, which lead to many break-through discoveries regarding various bacteria making human life prone to several diseases.

Most of the latest incubator shakers come integrated with modern technology and features which provide greater flexibility in adjusting the speed and orbit to meet the requirements of specific applications. Some of these units have various advanced features such as adjustable stroke lengths to accommodate various cells as per the demand of the experimentation.

Advanced incubator shakers make use of microprocessor chips facilitating multiple parameter changes like temperature, speed, photosynthetic lights and UV light decontamination. As most of the incubator shakers come with digital controls and displays, it is very easy to adjust the temperature and pressure limits and to minimize the risk of accidents which may happen due to wrong readings or settings.

There are so many leading brands which manufacture high-quality laboratory equipments in India. It will be reliable to purchase from established brands as they make sure that the laboratory equipments manufactured adhere to laboratory specifications and safety standards. Thus, incubator shakers are of a paramount importance in a biological research laboratory where artificial cultivation of serums and bacterial tissues is very much needed for all researches and experiments.

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