The concept of natural farming is to protect the natural ecological environment and human health. Enzymes in agriculture can be widely used in natural farming.
1. Improve soil quality
Enzymes are natural fertilizers that improve the soil environment and turn barren land into fertile land.

2. Reduce pests
If the brewed environmentally friendly enzyme is diluted and sprinkled on the grass with a ratio of one kilogram of brown sugar and ten liters of water, this process will stimulate the eyes of insects, destroy the development of their eggs, and reduce the number of insects, mosquitoes, mice and cockroaches. This is conducive to crop growth.

3. Plants grow up quickly
The enzyme solution helps to promote photosynthesis, the roots of the tree will get more oxygen, and the process also promotes the decomposition of protein, starch, and fat in the soil, which can add fertilizer to the plant. In addition, ozone evaporates from the ground to the atmosphere, and in the area irrigated with enzyme liquid, the leaves are relatively healthy and the plants will grow quickly.

15 years ago, Mr. Martin helped people with disabilities successfully apply for a 30-acre site in Ara Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. He thought that these disabled people could plant some crops and achieve self-sufficiency. However, the land was hard and stubborn. Though spending many years and using all kinds of methods, there was no way to improve it. Later, after irrigating the land with diluted environmental enzymes, many crops grew quickly. Vegetables and fruits are growing rapidly, and many herbs are also planted on this land.

The use of enzymes in livestock (poultry) farms can make the breeding process healthy.
1) Improve feeding environment
Enzymes are natural air fresheners. Spraying environmentally friendly enzymes on barns and faeces can eliminate flies and stench. The effect of deworming and deodorizing allows livestock (poultry) to live in a relatively sanitary environment.

2) Livestock (poultry) are healthier
Adding environmental enzymes to feed and drinking water can increase the resistance of livestock (poultry) and improve the quality of meat and eggs.

Enzymes in environment protection can purify water sources, and improve the environmental pollution caused by domestic sewage, sewage from food processing plants, and sewage from livestock houses.
1. Purification and drainage system
If the enzyme residue is poured into the drainage system, such as: sewers, septic tanks, ditches, etc., it can prevent clogging of water pipes, purify septic tanks, decompose sewage sludge, and purify rivers and oceans to achieve the effect of purifying the environment.

2. Restore natural ecology
With the cleansing of the drainage system, the disappearing fish and shellfish began to appear and increase again, which could restore the original appearance of nature.

Regular cleaner vs. enzyme cleaner
Pouring the diluted environmentally friendly enzyme into a ditch or river can have a purification effect, because the enzyme can effectively decompose artificial chemical pollutants. Ordinary cleaners emulsify fats and oils with surfactants, and then use water to remove substances. Enzyme cleaners have active catalysts that break down fat into small molecules and directly react with deep fats to achieve deep cleaning purposes.

Fermented enzymes can replace general household chemical cleaning supplies, and are suitable for family flower cultivation or for use by farmers. They are economical, affordable and can take care of the environment and their own health.
1. Home cleaning
Enzyme dilution can remove strange smells, molds, dirt, dirt, oil, etc. It is very effective in cleaning living room and room floors, air conditioners, toilets, kitchen exhaust fans, greasy walls, etc. In addition, with enzymes for household use, the number of flies, mosquitoes, mice, and cockroaches will also decrease.

2. Personal hygiene
Enzymes can decompose and destroy harmful microorganisms. Adding diluted enzyme solution during bathing, shampooing and laundry can help personal hygiene and achieve maintenance effects.

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