Divine Mission
By Rosemary DeTrolio
Under God's special dictionary, the definition says, "You will be called to do a mission. I will ask you to do strange and wonderful things, which you will be compelled to do for me. Of course, your family will think you are crazy. I did invent humor.”
I think Divine Missions are callings. When the call comes, we all have free will to go for it, or to ignore its ring. Many of us chose to ignore such outlandish ideas, many of the courageous are called "crazy", or "silly" since we really can't explain our reason other than we must do what we must do. Just think back to some amazing people from the past:
Noah's wife: "Let me get this straight, you're going to quit a perfectly good job and start to build a boat because God is telling you? What about that addition on the barn you promised me? When is that going to get done?"
Jesus to his mom, "I've decided upon my career path. I'm going to change Judaism. People are going to celebrate my horrific death with a tree and there is going to be a holiday called Jesusmas. Oh yes, I have to tell dad this carpentry thing isn't working out. Did I tell you that my real dad is God?"
In today's time, Jesus would have gone into counseling; his distraught mother and father would have been concerned because he was talking to God. He would have a Messiah and delusions of grandeur and most likely been given medication so he would "start acting normal."
Edison's wife: "I have a great idea! I'm going to spend a few months creating light." "How about money?" asks his wife.
"Don't worry about it. I have a plan to light up New York City and sell my invention. The whole world will know my name."
I have a friend who is called to go to Africa. She has ignored this call for her whole life, putting it away in her back pocket, hoping she would be "normal" to all who love her. The Dark Continent still calls. The spirit still moves her. What does one do when there are a limited number of years upon this earth? Does one ignore the call, or does one follow the heart and soul?
I do think that Divine Missions don't need to make sense to anyone else, as they are between God and our souls. We can't explain faith. We can't explain the feeling. We only know that we must and we shall.
Along the way of our decision to follow this plan something starts to happen. Other's opinions no longer count, and that's the precise moment that support and understanding come our way.
I know this since my call came 10 years ago when I was asked to speak about angels.
At first, all my fears, my ego, my desire to hide emerged. I had to push these away to follow my path. In the wake of my son, my husband, my parents who didn't understand, I had to follow my path. Once I was clear-sighted and sure, confident that I must move forward, like ducks in a row, all lined up perfectly, as now I was aligned with the Universal Plan and doing what I was called to do: help others find their way and locate the breadcrumbs upon their own paths. I think I've helped to strewn a few pebbles along the way, a helpful marker to find the way. God helped those pebbles shine to lead people to faith and hope once again. With that I leave you with, dear friends is to know that our Divine Mission is reason enough.

Author's Bio: 

Rosemary is a Reiki Master Teacher, author,elementary school teacher, and angel communicator.She holds a Master's Degree in Education, and has been teaching full time for 30 years. She has devoted her life's purpose to helping others find their way, both in the educational setting and within her community and through her spiritual classes and angel communications. www.rosemaryd.webs.com