“A True Story”

In 1997 in India Divine Mother Amma was giving everyone lots of healing hugs as she also does now. And one man came to receive a hug her… and he was reluctant to see Divine Mother at all. But amazing things took place when he received his Divine hug.

There was a high ranking military man in the Indian army who was angry and terrible to all those who worked under him. He would rant and rave, and he would yell at people… and in general, he was a pain. And he also was terrible with his wife and children… and he would yell and be mean to them in general.

But his wife was a devoted follower of Divine Mother Amma and she kept telling her husband that he should go and receive a hug from Divine Mother. He was not interested at all, but his wife was so insistent that he decided it would be better for him to go and then his wife would stop insisting… so he went to see Divine Mother.

He made is way by train to see Divine Mother and receive his hug. And when he knelt down and Divine Mother embraced him she said; “My Child, My Child, My Child” and this strong man broke down in tears and could not stop crying for a couple of days. It was so powerful for him… that it changed him instantaneously.

After that experience, he was nice to all the people he worked with. And he was even nice to his wife and children, and he was nice to every person he met from that time forward… and he still is.

Divine Mother says that with her hug every one receives a bit of her Divine Energy and thus they are healed. What more could anyone ask for than to have Divine Energy poured into them like an empty glass being filled with water.

And personally, I can a test to this taking place. When I received my hug from Divine Mother I could feel and see her Divine Energy being poured into my being and I began to cry.

If you ever have a chance, I highly recommend that you go see Divine Mother Amma and have her hug you… it will change your life forever— REALLY!

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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