When Divine Mother Amma was asked by a group of physicist how many dimensions there are… she answered 9 dimensions. She also said that in the 5th dimension she would be so bright you could not look upon her.

From a Spiritual Perspective

The cosmology of the universe breaks down into three areas.

In This Plane, We Have

All material things, light matter, dark matter, time/space, the universe itself, and dark energy… plus a few more things.

In the Second Plane, We Have

The spirit world, astral-life, after-life, our ancestral connections, ideas, and thoughts of lower sentient beings in the cosmos.

In The Third Plane, We Have

Human consciousness and the consciousness of all other higher conscious life forms in the cosmos.

All Are ONE

The 3 planes of existence are multiplied by the 9 dimensions.

This gives us 18 planes of existence.

But all 3 major planes of existence overlap with one another creating— ONENESS.

Thus all 18 realms are ONE.

This may be hard for some to grasp… yet the most important aspect of all is that they all overlap… and are “All One — Within The One”.

Thus what happens in one plane changes all other planes of existence.

It’s like a Yin and Yang symbol… everything is separate yet everything is ONE.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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