This morning I had a lovely opportunity to put my commitment to find Unity in Duality to a test!

Our youngest woke up with a case of the grumpies. The lack of routine and missing her friends from school was taking its toll. One of her choices then resulted in a consequence we’d discussed the previous evening. Which led to a full-scale tantrum.

Now, typically I find myself reacting, not only to her behavior, but to other people’s reactions in the house. Yet thanks to our decision to take this Journey of Illumination together, I took a breath and repeated silently “this too is a doorway to Unity.”

The screaming continued.

I gave thanks that it wasn’t a school day. We have nowhere to be and I can make being present my agenda for the day (actually, that would be a great agenda for any day, no matter how busy, but that’s a topic for another post…)

After several rounds of choice and natural consequence (with me continuing to breathe—and breathe—and breathe), our daughter followed me into our Sacred Space room, where I was meditating (well, sort of).

Breathe in, breathe out.



Breathe in, breathe out.

Everything you see has its roots in the unseen world…


I watched our daughter dissolve in a puddle at my feet, a miserable ball of energy. And I felt so much love for her in that moment, for giving me this opportunity to remember that how I feel is not about what is happening around me.

I saw how, in choosing to love her by returning to my Source, I was also choosing to love myself (even the miserable screaming parts of me that wanted to lash out at my daughter).

I found Divinity in the beautiful and terrible aspects of myself.

And, for a moment, I touched peace.

Whether or not you celebrate the holiday of Christmas, I invite you to step into the Christmas story.

It’s a story of Divinity appearing in the form of a woman whose status in life does not even merit assistance while she gives birth.

In the guise of an infant whose first bed was an animal byre.

It’s about God showing up where you least expect God to be.

In the midst of the shit.

This year, may the miracle of Christmas remind you

that the Divine may not appear as we expect…

Robed in Triumph,

Armed with Power,

Basking in Sunshine.

Sometimes, the Mystery awaits us…

Cloaked in Humility,

Laden with Frailty,

Dreaming in Darkness.

Christmas Blessings,

Kimberly Schneider

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