I want to file for a divorce. Do you want to Hire an Attorney or Pro Se?
What am I entitled to after 10 years of marriage in Illinois? Divorce laws regarding property division in Illinois do not presume that property will be divided 50 / 50. Illinois is not a “community property state – it is an “equitable division” state. Illinois law requires property to be divided equitably, not according to a specified formula. Many divorce cases are resolved by the court – or settled by the parties – with 60 / 40 or 70 / 30 splits and some even allocate ALL marital property to one spouse.1 The court looks to certain factors set out in the law when considering the division of marital property. The court is prohibited, by law, from considering "marital misconduct" in property division and the division of debts. So, notwithstanding the fact that your spouse may have engaged in several affairs and destroyed the relationship, the property will still be divided fairly without acknowledging the damage done by those deeds. http://www.illinoisdivorce.com/family_law_articles/divorce_property_divi...

no children and I am his 3rd wife. Great, no kids like I had. The law is the law, and if you are third wife the above should apply.

Controlling and mental abuse to the extreme. Do you live in the same house? Get a Free consultation from an attorney. You can get a restraining order and I believe force him to be told to get out of the house because of what you filed. It would be my guess.

I have been denied a true marriage. He is 62 I am 58. I AGREE, accept this and move on you are on the right track.

He has been on his job as a salesman for 34 years. Great! Tons of records for finances, which come in very handy.

I am a state employee for 18 years. Wonderful.

We have a house with both our names on it. I think you can do a quick claim deed, to get your name off the house.
I have a house prior to the getting married. Do you still have this house in your name, and do you have records to make those payments? OR, do you rent it?
Hope this is helpful.

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