It's Time For Spring Cleaning!

Divorce can cause a large amount of physical and mental hurt. No matter how long it has been since your divorce, do not be victims of hoarding the hurt. Sure, hoarding your hurt is easy. You have ached for so long, it is all you know. In the beginning, we hurt simply because of the painful fighting. Then the hurt lingers and clings to our very soul because it is the long, slow process. But divorce does not kill us; it is sometimes just a fact of life. However society puts a stigmatism on us that tells us to stress, to mourn, and hang on to the hurt. Wrong!
Isn’t it just simply exhausting to hang on to the hurt? The blame, the anguish, the anxiety of reliving the bad experience is not doing anybody any good. It most certainly will notyou’re your marriage back. Hoarding is detrimental to your state of mind. As stated in my book, Taking Out the Trash, We all have physical and emotional trash, the question is, how are we going to handle it and not let it pile up? It will most definitely stack up by hoarding the hurt that is for sure! But the negative is always the easiest to hang on too. Well not anymore my friend! You have overcome one of the worst experiences of your life. You are strong, so don’t hang on to that lingering hurt. What better way to heal the hurt than by conducting a nice bout of Spring Cleaning!
According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, “Spring Cleaning has come to be synonymous with any kind of heavy duty cleaning or organizing enterprise. A person who gets their affairs in order before an audit or inspection could be said to be doing some spring cleaning.” Sure no one is auditing or inspecting you, but you are the only one who has to carry around whatever it is that you are hoarding. Why not carry around some peace rather than pain?
You Hurt Because You Failed

You are hoarding the notion of failure. It’s time to clean up the concept that you are weak and couldn’t make it work. Do you find yourself sometimes saying “of course this is my life”, when something goes wrong or “expecting” things to go wrong because you are used to the feeling of ultimate failure? You have not failed! Divorce is sometimes the only solution for a marriage regardless of who started the process. Clean up the feeling of failure and pat yourself on the back for the strength it took to get you through it. Organize the clutter piling up in your tracks so you can sweep a clean path to the door of your life. You made it and you are strong. Tackle any situation with your head held high because you can handle anything.

You Hurt Because You Loved

Do you ever have trouble moving on because you feel you can never love again? Are you even finding it hard to love yourself? Are you hanging on to pain, hurt and negativity to the point that you can’t even look at yourself in the mirror? Well get out the glass cleaner and start scrubbing the mirrors and windows to your soul because you are amazing! You will love again. You will love yourself, your family, your friends and everyone around you. Catch a glimpse of yourself in your newly cleaned mirrors. Notice the light shining upon you through your spotless windows. You will see a whole new person. Remind yourself of how incredible you are. Love will come your way, by just learning how to love yourself.

Spring cleaning gives us a sense of new beginning. Each year dusting up the dirt and clearing out the trash gets us organized for another celebration of life. It is such a great feeling to look around after your task of spring cleaning is accomplished. Don’t be the one who hoards the hurt and the pain this season. Hoarding holds us back and distracts us from living a peaceful life. After you clean up the hurt this year, your happiness will shine through and all of your exciting new opportunities for love and life will become crystal clear!

Author's Bio: 

Antonia Ragozzino is the fresh new author of this first published book of a series of "Taking Out The Trash" tales. She is a professional writer, a developmental skills trainer for a large media company, as well as an adjunct professor for a Connecticut University. Antonia resides in New Haven, Connecticut.