Diwali is a festival to celebrate the accomplishment of good over evil and right over wrong. It is a day when all family members come together, eats together and celebrates together. In our daily hustle and bustle life, it is this festival, which gives every person some quality time to spend with their loved ones. It is supposed that this festival of light is a messenger of good luck and wisdom.

Cleaning house is not easy task. It's not just about the cleaning of just one part. We are talking about the cleaning of an entire house here, from the kitchen to bedroom, living room to puja room. One of the easiest ways to get it right without getting tired is to divide your work into 2-3 different sessions so that will be cause any kind of worry.

Chart it out in a diary, schedule it out, so that you stick to the plan. Try not to do everything at the last hour though as we may make several mistakes. If you have time, then you can clean your house before two or three weeks that will be sufficient time to clean your own house.

1. De-Clutter

The very first step while cleaning your house for Diwali is to remove the clutter from your house. Dispose off the items you have not used in the past two years or things that you know deep down in your heart have a purpose anymore! The unwanted and avoidable items are liable to make your house look unclean and untidy.

2. Cleaning The Floor

Clean the floors effectively with floor cleaners. You can use vacuum cleaners, sweepers, brooms and torn, old clothes to clean the floors. For cleaning the bathroom floors, use the bathroom cleaners which are available in the market. Besides that, you can also use baking soda.

3. Clean The Wardrobe

Please rearrange your clothes, it's high time! Change the paper or cloth of the shelves. Clean your hangers. Fold all of the clothes suitably and organize them in good order. You can put them in different piles on the grounds of categories like lowers, t-shirts, shirts, pants, formals, casuals, night clothes, fancy night clothes, travel gear etc. Donate the ones you do not wear or do not fit you anymore. There are various NGOs working for underprivileged Children, call them and they can collect and distribute it. You can also donate clothes with us by using our Londri App

4. Cleaning The Bed

Similar to the way you cleaned your wardrobe, you can clean the bed. You should not use detergent etc. to clean the bed, but you can certainly use a dry cloth to clean it. Usually, we store blankets in the bed, it may be a good time to let that blanket dry in sunlight. The mattress of the bed, the pillows, cushions, you can keep all these things under the sunlight to kill the germs.

5. Kitchen Cleaning

Cleaning the kitchen is not hard. Just gather ingredients like the dishwashing soap, vinegar, warm water and baking soda. Start by cleaning the storage racks and containers inside the kitchen, followed by kitchenware, plates, crockeries and everything else. In order to clean walls, you may use detergent to clean the tiles.

6. Cleaning The Curtains & Covers

Cleaning your clothes and curtains is very important for a clean Diwali feel. Wash the curtains, sofa cover and pillow covers, change your linen. However, do not wash everything together, as your washing machine may not have the capacity to wash hundreds of covers at once. On the first day wash the curtains, the next day the sofa covers, this is how you can make your own routine and start washing the items.

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There is a big reason why we clean our house and workplace vigorously during Diwali. According to Hindu mythology, Goddess Lakshmi only enters the home which is properly cleaned and well lit. So if you haven't already started, start now.

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