For Hindus, the onset of Dusshera emanates glee in the air and it stays there for 20 days until Diwali, and few days after it as well. These are days during which if you visit the house of a hindu family, they will delight your with delicious sweets. And if you’re having a bad day, you can see the bad day fly away as your mood uplifts in a contagiously positive environment. But to create such an environment, people go to great lengths to decorate their house with marigold garlands, ribbons, all sorts of chandeliers and more. Diwali decoration instantly light up a house. You have to deliberate the process to, lest you overdo and make the house look weird instead of beautiful. If you, too, are looking for ideas to decorate your house on Diwali, we have some ideas, which would not be overdoing it.

1. Hula Hoop Chandeliers

This is one of the decorative items that you will likely not find in the market, but you can make it at home with handy equipment. All you need for it is a small hula hoop, fairy lights, strings and some tape. Wind the fairy lights around the hula-hoop. You can choose however you like to wound around it to make it look elegant. Fix the position of fairy lights by taping the wire so the chandelier remains stable. Then use a string to form the rope to make a chandelier. And there you have it. Hang it anywhere in the house and you have an amazing home-made chandelier. Fun fact: it can stay on the ceiling after Diwali.

2. Mason Jar Lamp

Here is an easy way to make a lamp at home: Use mason jars. It is a rather common decorative item to make and people all around the world use it. The good thing about it is its customisability. You do not have necessarily use a mason jar to make this lamp. As long as you have any glass bottle that’s transparent or see through (if it’s coloured), it would work just fine. All you have to do to make this Mason Jar Lamp is place the light inside the jar. It can be a small bulb, fairy lights, diyas, or even candle. How you do it and how you think would make it look most beautiful is upto you. At the end of it, you will be surprised how good it looks.

3. Marigold Garland

In Hindi, Marigold is called Gende ka Phoo, and it is an plays vital role in the culture. The yellow and orange flower is used on almost every occasion, and mostly as a garland. So when you are decorating for Diwali, most important Hindu festival, leaving marigold out of decoration would be a grave injustice. It’s recommended to buy marigold garland instead of plastic ribbons because 1) they’re biodegradable and do not harm the environment 2) They add fragrance to the place. Every flower has its own fragrance and it adds a small smile on everyone’s face when they smell it. So it would be the best option for you to go to Google and search for Buy Marigold garlands near me, just in case you don’t know where they are available around you. These cute pom-pom garlands will be cherry on the top of your home decoration.

4. Paint Diyas Yourself

Every Diwali, people have 2 choices when it comes to buying diyas. One, buy available unpainted or already designed diyas, or, two, buy the unpainted ones and paint them yourself. Those who think the unpainted diyas are a bit too simple, go for the painted/designed diyas. But not everyone likes the available designs and they have to compromisingly settle with the best they can find even though they don’t actually like it. This is why, the better and much-opted option is to buy the unpainted diyas and get painting on them. This is highly recommended because it translates into a fun activity for everyone in the family. You can even call your non-Hindu friends and make them partake in this activity. At the end of it you will have customised diyas whose designs are unique to your home. Anyone who will visit your home will instantly be mesmerised by the elegant designs.

5. Bangle Lamps

As the name goes, these are lamps made with bangles. They follow the same idea as Mason Jar Lamp but look much more pleasant and elegant. Most of us have various styles of glass bangles at home – and it’s important to use glass bangles only – pick one from each design and glue them together in a stack. Then place a diya inside it and you have a fantastic lamp at your. Important thing to note her is that you must use the glue carefully. Since bangles are circular, it’s easy for glue to drip over and stuck to your fingers. The last thing you want during decoration is a hospital emergency. So be extra careful when gluing bangles with each other. The resulting lamp will be unlike you’ve ever seen before.

6. Light Tree

The last idea is a bit on the expensive end and is restricted to people who have a tree outside their home. If you do and you don’t mind bearing the expenses several fairy lights, it’s time to light up at that tree. Make sure each brand is properly lit and it looks like a giant tree illuminating everything around you. If you’re of the lucky ones who have more than 1 tree in your garden, then sky is the limit for your creativity. You can risk going overboard with it without actually taking away the fun from it. If you’re up for such a task, it will be the most beautiful thing in your neighbourhood.

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Unique Diwali Decoration Ideas. Diwali brings pictures of beautifully illuminated courtyards to our minds. Here, we are about to present some of the trending DIY home decor ideas for you to celebrate this Diwali.