Anniversaries are a time of happy memories and photos are a great way to preserve these beautiful memoirs. Here are some ideas for picture frames that you can gift a couple as thoughtful anniversary gifts.

Glittering Photo Frame
For these glittering picture frames, you will need four rows of stranded crystal beads by the yard, basic white or silver picture frames, clear cement glue, costume jewelry flower rings and wood picks for applying glue.

First, cut the strand of crystal beads into two rows. Measure the length of each side of the frame and cut the strand to the appropriate size. Glue the crystal strands along the sides of the frame. Glue on the costume jewelry flowers on the corners of the frame. These glittering anniversary gifts make for classic elegance when framing a sepia-toned photo.

Felt Photo Frame
Make these mini picture frames that can be used as fridge magnets or even kept in large wallets. First, cut out two identical rectangles of fabric about two inches wide and three inches long. Cut a window in one of the pieces of felt. Cut out a piece of plastic that is a little smaller than the rectangle, but a little bit larger than the window. Glue the plastic rectangle to the inside of the window. Be careful to keep the glue away from the center of the plastic.

Sew the two felt rectangles together, making sure that the plastic is on the inside. Leave the top open so that you can put pictures inside. However, still sew the front piece at the top for consistency. Decorate these frames with stitching, felt flowers, shells or just about anything you like! These felt frames accessorized with pearl flowers would be perfect anniversary gifts.

Stylish Vintage Frame
Choose an oversized vintage photo frame in an aged finish. Using a nail gun staple put some nails along both the vertical sides of the frame. Make sure that the nails on the two sides are aligned or you can choose to go slightly off-center for a rustic, country-style appeal. Fasten twines on the empty frame and hang photos using wooden clothespins.

Make these easy photo frames for stylish and sentimental anniversary presents.

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