Every online marketing consultant or an analyst is aware of the potential SEO or search engine optimization offers. Knowing how to implement SEO’s best practice is a different thing. Can you do SEO yourself or is there a need to hire an SEO agency or recruit an in-house SEO team? It is a tough decision, but you can check on the pros and cons of each one to make a decision.



  • Saves money
  • A good-learning curve


  • Extremely time-consuming as you will first need to learn how to use multiple platform data. 
  • Online shortcuts and misinformation run rampant. If you get trapped in wrong information your website can get penalized. Your valuable time gets wasted.
  • You may run into out-of-date SEO tips that can blacklist your site.
  • SEO is a tedious and repetitive task.
  • You need to remain updated about the algorithm changes all the time or your site can get damaged.

When you decide to hire the Australian Internet Advertising, a reliable search engine optimisation agency then your online reputation enhances along with your ROI.

Hiring an SEO agency


  • Established SEO service has worked with many customers, so they have great insight and know the route suitable for your niche. Even if they allocate less time for your business, the right strategy works efficiently. 
  • You gain a unique outlook that got missed as you were rooted in your business. 
  • Accountability is a crucial factor because they have to get things delivered every month based on the contract.
  • An established agency has SEO specialists along with designers, developers, and strategists. For onsite SEO, the development element is important. 


  • The possibility you can get locked in a long-term bad agreement with an agency that does not deliver results.
  • The possibility that the agency makes use of shortcuts or uses shady practices to get good ranking, which can soon get you penalized.
  • The agency over promised on deliverables and time but failed. You must never have unrealistic expectations. 

Hiring an SEO agency needs your due diligence to research first!

Recruiting an in-house SEO team

  • An in-house team is well aware of its products or services, which helps to deploy the correct strategy and creating niche content. 
  • The staff can allocate more time to SEO projects. 
  • All the resources under a single roof means IT, manufacturing, marketing, and customer service can collaborate well. There is hardly any communication barrier with in-house SEO efforts.


  • Turnover is high because an employee leaves and there is new recruitment. Teaching the new associate ins and outs takes time only to find they will leave in a couple of years. Spending money and investing time is not worth it!
  • The business has to pay the employee benefits that add to the overall expenditure.
  • When you compare the cost of recruiting an in-house team and partnering with an SEO agency the former outweighs. 
  • The SEO in-house specialist you recruited may lack experience and need the training to deploy SEO strategy correctly.
  • Besides recruiting SEO specialists, businesses will also need to handle the technical side. Invest in all the SEO tools and software needed for optimization.

The choice of DIY, in-house, or outsourcing SEO efforts is subjective. It will depend on the competition level and budget.  


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