The most common water tank that people buy for themselves is the poly water tank. It is highly durable and long lasting. But what does one do if their tank develops a slight crack or hole? You cannot throw it away but getting it repaired is the most ideal option. You can summon a professional but likewise you can also undertake the repairs all by yourself! Yes you read that right! You can follow these simple steps and repair your poly tank all by yourself! Keep reading for the details:

  • Step 1:

The first and foremost thing to be done is the clearance of the tank. You cannot repair a water tank when it is full to the brim! So it is important that you completely drain the tank in order to repair it properly. If the crack is somewhere near the mouth then you can also drain it below that mark but likewise it will be beneficial if you drain it completely.

  •  Step 2: 

The next step in the poly tank repair is the use of a cleansing agent to clean it. Now here you will have to clean the tank before and after the repair process. Clean the area to be repaired with the help of soap and water. The tank must be free of any kind of dust and grime! 

  • Step 3:

Next you will have to drill a hole just beside the end of the crack. Do this with utmost precision and remember that you are to repair the crack and not to worsen it! You must use a small drill and not a big drill for this purpose. This step is essential as it will not let the crack spread further!

  • Step 4:

This step is an important one! You will have to preheat the area that needs to be repaired. Use a heat gun or a propane torch for this step. Here also you need to be precise and heat a slightly larger area that needs to be repaired. This is done to make sure that the heat is properly distributed to the entire crack.

  • Step 5: 

Now you will have to add the filler material. With the help of a small strip of polythene filler material you need to fill the crack and continue step 4 and then 5 again. Be gentle with this step and do not show haste. Once you fill the material then you will have to smooth out that molten plastic with the aid of a putty knife. Test the tank and you are good to go!

Now even after these simple DIY steps if you still find it hard to restore the poly tank then you can very easily avail the help of any plastic tank repair professional. All you need is to ask any of your neighbor or a close family member and go by their suggestions. They will give you enough names which you can shortlist and interview according to the queries that come across your mind. Be mindful of hiring a professional who has ample experience and has been certified by reputed government sites.

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