Studies have shown that you may have a genetic likelihood towards obesity therefore, some healthcare practitioners are turning to science to help their patients combat their genetic makeup. Genetic testing may be offered by your healthcare provider. You merely swab the inside of your cheek and send your sample to a testing lab. It is a painless test that can help you learn facts about your biological makeup and even propensity for certain diseases. It is also believed you can also learn the personalized equation for food and exercise in order to lose weight.

Do DNA-Based Diets Work?

one genetic testing company did a study where they enrolled women in diets matched to their genetic codes. The results indicated that the control group of women whose diets matched their genetic coding lost up to three times more weight than women whose diets were incompatible with their body's genetic code. This same company did a study with Stanford University, where they found women lost five times more weight if their eating plans matched their DNA test results.

some researchers believe diet types are narrowed down to four different genes. One gene indicating if you are sensitive to carbohydrates, sensitive to fat, sensitive to both, or unaffected by either. This method is still controversial and sceptics of this methodology will tell you that the genetic markers for obesity are far more complicated and diverse than just the four genes that researchers have identified.

What DNA Testing Will Tell Your Doctor About Your Diet

If your healthcare provider is using DNA testing for weight loss, they are seeking to learn the following information:

  • Are you sensitive to carbohydrates, saturated fats, celiac/gluten, lactose, or caffeine?
  • How is your fat metabolism?
  • How is your energy consumption?
  • Which foods are your best nutritional match?
  • Which vitamins should you increase or add to your regimen?
  • Which fitness program is best for you? Power training or endurance training?
  • Which sports activities increase your risk of personal injury?

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