DNA Romance is an online dating App build to match single people looking for a genuine relationship, they use scientific methods including the worlds 1st operational DNA MBTI Matchmaking algorithm to match people who will share chemistry together. DNA Romance also use your Myers Briggs personality type to forecast who will share personality compatibility with you. Unlike other dating apps that just show a photograph DNA Romance will matches you based on all three forms of human attraction: 1) chemistry, 2) personality and 3) appearance. It's easy to sign-up to DNA Romance simple enter you age, location, sexual preference, upload your photograph and raw autosomal DNA data file and your matches will appear within your secure dashboard in ~30 min. DNA Romance is free to use but you do need a DNA test in order to be matched. If you don't already have a DNA test, then you can order one through the DNA Romance website these DNA collection kits can be shipped to every country in the world. People who already have a DNA test can download their DNA data and transfer the raw DNA data file for analysis. DNA Romance accept raw autosomal DNA data from other 3rd party DNA testing companies including 23andMe, Ancestry DNA, My Heritage, Family Tree DNA, Vitagene, Living DNA, or Genes For Good.

DNA Romance also offer couples compatibility reports which include a detailed description of how the two different personality MBTI types can relate and live happily together, as well as the DNA Romance chemical compatibility score.

What is the science behind DNA Romance? Using both genetics and psychology DNA Romance are the worlds most advanced online dating platform.
Personality type was best introduced by Carl Jung as Extraversion - Introversion, Intuition - Sensing, Thinking - Feeling, and a fourth criterion was added by Isabel Briggs Myers: Judging-Perceiving.
DNA Romance uses the results from the Myers Briggs/MBTI test to identify potentially successful and potentially problematic matches by comparing and analyzing the different personality types involved.
DNA Romance also uses the worlds 1st operational genetic matchmaking algorithm to match people who will share chemistry together. Several decades of research support the basis of MHC genes to play a role in our relationships and a recent study published by Wu et al., 2018 in an Asian American population found MHC-based attraction is just as important as personality attributes in predicting second date offers.

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