“I don’t have time to exercise.” “I can’t write better.” “I can’t accomplish that project. No one can. It is impossible for anyone to do that.”

Most of us do a great job when it comes to giving excuses.

It’s common for people to figure out fancy excuses. I used the word “fancy” deliberately. They do a great job a finding reasons and giving excuses. Take any unsuccessful person and you’ll find him great in the skill of giving excuses.

Unsuccessful person and excellent skill of giving excuses – it is nothing but the Law of Attraction in action.

Like attracts like. Give more excuses and you find opportunities to give even more. Needless to say that realm of excuses is often surrounded by continuous failures.

You can leverage the same law of attraction to your benefit. Here’s how: Be wise and do a poor job at giving excuses.

No one likes poor performance. So you also wouldn’t and keep away from giving excuses and start creating results that matter.

Here’s the problem with excuse: Excuses are often justification of why something can’t be done. Excuses come in your way of taking actions. Excuses also highlight your inner fears. Your fears keep you away from taking actions. So, you start giving excuses and try to defend yourself and justify your inaction.

Get clear on this: “No actions, no results. Everything else is a commentary.”

So, choose to do a poor job at giving excuses. Conquer your fears of unknown and fill your moments with actions that matter. Enter the realm of possibilities that are waiting for you to perform and make the best of your life. Start leading the path of unknown regardless of your present situation. Keep faith in your abilities to deal with an uncertain next.

Successful people don’t make excuses. They hold themselves accountable when something doesn’t work and start taking actions.

Here are three tips to be a poor performer at giving excuses:


Feeling fear is okay. Even the most successful people feel the fear. The key differentiator is: they still take actions. To do that, look at your fears from different perspectives. See if there is an opportunity of growth on the face of fear. I’m sure you’ll find one. We feel fear because we are afraid of the results. However, the result you’re afraid of is just a possibility it is not the utter truth. So don’t lose hope and figure out a way to take actions despite the fear that you experience.


Have what is called the “possibility-thinking.” It’s an art to see what’s possible over what’s not possible. The problem with “not” is that it doesn’t work. Think that something should “not” happen and it will happen. Think you do “not” want to feel something and you’ll feel that particular thing. That’s how the nature’s law works. So, see the possibility that you want to see. Don’t get amazed with positive results when you find that the possibility that you invented has come true!


This is easier said than done but if you keep your both eyes on the outcome, you’ll end up messing up your actions that would otherwise lead you to the outcome. A better way is to get clear about your desired outcome and put all of your energies into taking actions that bring you near to the outcome. If you win, you get your desire fulfilled. But if you lose, you were not attached to the outcome so you’ll be able to learn from the actions you took to reach to the outcome and move on.

When you have conquered your fears, cultivated a habit of seeing what’s possible and detached yourself with the outcomes, wouldn’t it be extremely difficult for you to do a poor job at giving excuses?

The world awaits you to take actions and make a difference. Take the word “excuse” out from your dictionary and go make a dent in the universe.

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Utpal Vaishnav is a lifelong learner, author and entrepreneur. Utpal writes on Project Management, Scrum and Personal Development. His personal development blog www.selfhelpzen.com is followed by 2600+ followers. Visit www.utpalvaishnav.com/about to know more about Utpal.