Stock Market:
Nowadays the share market is a topic which is attracted by everyone and it is seen as a golden way to earn money and most people invest some part of their money in the share market. They are always interested, but not all people are benefiting from this field, this is not the case, where many people make a big profit by investing their money in shares, then many people also have to face heavy losses.

according to the astrological point of view, the planetary position in the horoscope of each person is different, so the task in which one person is progressing, the other is also successful is not necessary. Whether the area of ​​the share market will be beneficial for a person or not depends entirely on the planetary position in his horoscope.

In the horoscope, the following planets play their role in benefiting by making the yoga for success in the share market:

If the fifth lord is situated in the fifth house in the horoscope, then it is beneficial to join the share market.

if Panchamesh (the lord of the fifth house) is in an auspicious place by himself or in an exalted zodiac, then there is a benefit in the share market.

If the fifth house lord of the horoscope is in the benefic place (eleventh house) and the 11th lord is in the fifth house, then the person benefits greatly from the share market.

The Rashi parivartan or Zodiac exchange of Panchamesh and Dhanesh also gives good results in the share market.

If the 11th lord is in the profit place or the 11th house lord is sighting on 11th house, and the fifth lord and fifth house are in a favorable position, then there is a good profit in the share market.

When the 5th lord in the horoscope is in the center triangle with the 11th lord or dashmesh, it also gives benefits from this area.

Changing the zodiac of Bhagyesh and Panchamesh in a horoscope is also a good sign for the share market. Rahu being in the benefic place (eleventh house) is helpful for the area of ​​the share market but the fifth house and the fifth lord should be in a promising position.

If Venus is in self or exalted zodiac and Panchamesh is in an auspicious place (center-triangle) then it also gives success in the share market.

When Rahu is sitting in an auspicious place in a horoscope, also helps the person in the area of ​​the share market by giving the person a good ability to take a sudden decision. It is helpful for this field even if no misuse is being made with it.

Special - As we have seen here that the fifth house of the horoscope plays an important role in the work of the share market, and the position of 11th lord and profit house determines the level of profit, so the special thing here is that the fifth house and the fifth house lord’s strength will decide the potential of earning from share, etc. But how much is the strength of your entire horoscope, it determines the overall success, ie the fifth house and the fifth lord can be sacrificed in the horoscope of many people, but the rest of the good or weak planets made in each person's horoscope, each person has a different level of success. It is good to invest in items related to the horoscope which house and their lords are very strong and in a good position in the horoscope.

According to Vedic astrology, people who are having friendly Rahu or who have Mahadasha of Rahu, only get benefit from this business. Along with Rahu, if the position of 2nd lord 11th lord, Lagnesh, 4th lord, Panchamesh, Bhagyesh i.e. Navamesh is a present powerful position in the horoscope, then only a person can earn a lifetime from these businesses, whether that man is earning from betting, lottery or the stock market.

These planets-dasha/transit also give benefit to the stock market

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