One very common stumbling block on the journey to spiritual growth is how to be of service and at the same time, earn a decent wage and market yourself successfully.

There are a few theories as to why healers and other carers find asking for money difficult. My favourite is that in ancient societies, the healers, and the medicine men and women were supported by the tribe and no money changed hands for the service. In return for their services, they were provided with food and lodgings, and very often a huge dose of respect from those they served.

In today's society, those that wake up to their spiritual path often find that they want to be in service. For those who previously have found their self-worth in their well-paid jobs, launching into a new career working for yourself can be frightening, especially in today's economic climate.

I do know that many healers under value their time and services, and this is usually a sign that they undervalue themselves. Their journey will involve finding a way to improve their self-esteem, because when we do not value ourselves, it is very difficult for others to value us. When you are in service, this probably looks like clients that cancel without paying or without giving you notice, clients that are rude, clients that do not treat you with respect, or a lack of clients.

It is really important on the spiritual path to be in the world but not of it. This means that we need to find our place and value and know that we deserve to be paid for our efforts. I also believe that money is just an energy and if a healing is being given, then money is a fair exchange of energy for the healing.

Do you find that you are giving away a lot of free sessions, because you cannot ask for payment? This would suggest that you need to understand that these people may be taking advantage of you because you are letting them do so. Always take payment for your services- you spent time and money training to be qualified to help them, and they will probably receive a better healing session if there is a fair exchange of energy. This has been all about healers, but really applies to all those out there who are embarking on a helping path or vocation.

Written by Caroline Nettle.

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