Personal hygiene and cleanliness are the factors affect the functioning of the body systems. The efficient functioning depends upon the food intake and the existing environment. There are elevated risks of food adulteration in the market which affects the digestive and respiratory systems and the worst effects of these adulterations are recognized in term of blood contamination. Blood contamination for the longer period leads to the blood disorder in the body. Adverse effects of blood disorder are measured in terms of decrease of the immunity systems in the body. Higher the blood infections in the body will lower the immunity in the body. When Body has the lower immunity then body is more prone to the external bacterial attacks and reduces the resistance power in the body which exposes the body to more diseases and infections. So, blood disorder is taken is the lower resistibility of the individual to fight with external bacterial attacks which leads to more diseases and infections in the body. This is observed as the disability in the body which makes an individual to incapable to perform works as like a normal person.

What is blood disorder?

Blood disorder is observed as the contaminated affect in the liquid portion of the body which is known as the plasma in the blood. Blood disorder mainly affects the major components in the body, first red blood cells which transfer the oxygen to the body tissues, white blood cells which fight the infections in the body and platelets which allow to blood to clot. There are various kinds of blood disorders which affects our body system in multiple ways. There is kind of disorder which is known as the Neutropenia. This disorder reduces the number of cells of neutrophils which are white blood cells produced by the bone marrow and transfers the chemical to the infected part to stop the invasion of bacteria and germs in the body. There is blood disorders which affects the red blood cells are anemia, Iron deficiency anemia, chronic anemia, Pernicious anemia, aplastic anemia, Auto immune Hemolytic anemia, Thalassemia and polycythemia Vera. These disorders have the varying effect on the different function system of the body and leads to different inability in the body to carry out most of the routines works.

Is blood disorder refers to disability?

This is proved that the blood disorders are also observed as the blood disease disability which severely affects the individual ability to perform basic work activities like walking, sitting, lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying and handling, hearing, speaking, watching, understanding or remembering simple guidelines, dealing with routine works. These are taken as the kind of disabilities listed in the category of hematology disorders. Although, it is a disability in the body to perform the routine works but certain cases, these disorders observes the ability of the person to carry out routines works, if individual can perform some of the routine work without any problems then there is no disability grant to the individual. In addition, individual age, education, work experience and mental or physical conditions decide the working capabilities of the person and it determines the blood disability of an individual.

Do blood order disabilities have compensation rights?

Blood disorders are placed in the category of the temporary total disability and temporary partial disability depending upon the type of disability, incapability and performance of the person. In such cases, board of directors decides the worker`s compensation which is calculated as the periodic payment equal to worker net earnings. In the case of the permanent disability of the person, individual receives the aggregate compensation equal to the maximum payable amount for total disability. In the case of the recurrence of the disability the compensation is calculated by examining the expectancy of the recurrence and the calculation of the compensations are equal to percentage of actual loss of the earnings suffered by the victim due to the disability.


This is clear from the studies that the blood disorder in the body of a person is required to be taken as the disability of temporary or permanent nature which needs to be compensated according to the performance and disability of the person.

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