Well, there are a number of different factors that impact the answer to the question whether condominium units make for practical investments in real estate. In order to make such an investment profitable, there is a critical need to identify these important factors, and act accordingly. Most people have the belief that the high condominium fees, high level of competition and slower rate of appreciation act as limiting factors of these types of properties, making them inappropriate choices for making real estate investments.

Financial benefits of owning condominium units

There are a number of benefits that condominium units offer on the financial front. Firstly, they are much lesser expensive than private single-family homes. In fact, the average price of condominiums in the city-state of Singapore is as less as S$1,300 per square feet. Moreover, condo units have a much lesser floor space than their counterparts, and hence, there is a great reduction in expenses related to the management and maintenance of the property.

Location is an important factor

When making an investment on condominiums in the city, it is important to put a lot of focus and importance on the location of the property. The location of the property will have a lot of impact on the appreciation or depreciation of the price of the property. Hence, the profitability on the investment will be impacted greatly by the location. If the property is located in an already developed neighbourhood without much scope for future developments, there is bound to be slower rate of appreciation on the prices of the property.

On the other hand, if the investment is made on a property like the Botanique at Bartley in locations or neighbourhoods with a lot of scope for developments in the future, rate of price appreciation would be pretty high. Moreover, condominium properties located in the best neighborhoods in the city would also attract a high rental value than those located in neighborhoods with poor developmental activities. After all, rents are also a great way to ensure profits on investments on residential real estate properties in the city.

Ownership is limited

One of the few drawbacks of condominium properties is that the ownership of the property is limited. In case of detached homes, the owners get to enjoy the ownership of the entire property which includes the house, the land and everything else that is within the boundaries of that piece of land. On the contrary, condominiums allow owners to only own their condo units. The land surface on which the entire condominium property is developed is owned by the freeholder, which could either be a different person or company.

Hence, when buying a condominium from a Bartley condo new launch, the owner only pays for the ownership of the condo unit, but not for the land surface on which the property stands. Moreover, the property is not owned by a single person, but by all the owners of condo units in the property.

Hence, it is important to consider all aspects of making investments on condominiums in order to make the investments profitable and practical.

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Maryann Wilson has been involved with condominium properties like the Botanique at Bartley for over ten long years, and now offers expert advice on making investments on the best Bartley condo new launch.