In recent times, vaping has gained a lot of traction. They are available in different flavours, are more fun, and provide an enjoyable smoking experience- (perhaps even better to a normal cigarette).


But one question which bugs many avid smokers is- Do e liquids have an expiration date? Here’s a post with an appropriate answer to this popular question.


Can Vape Juice Go Bad?


The answer is YES- vape liquids can go bad over a length of time just like any product that should not be used after its sale by date. However, some signs allow a user to know if their vape liquid has expired or not.


Furthermore, these vape liquids are prepared with a concoction of flavours. And, as some flavours are more prone to quicker expiration, this is another significant factor to consider in analysing the lifespan of an e juice.


A Glimpse Of Three Common Signs-:


  • Change In Its Colour:


If one finds their vape juice changing (or changed) in its colour, then it a sign that the liquid has expired.


Nicotine oxidation is a natural process which takes place each time the

nicotine molecules interact with the atoms in the oxygen molecules, present in the air. When this oxidation takes on a larger scale, the fluid gets affected resulting in colour changes.


If one finds the colour change is a minuscule one, then there is no alarming worry as it is due to a typical reaction. On the contrary, if the colour change is drastic and completely varied to when you had bought it, then it is best to not vape with it.


  • Alteration In Its Thickness:


Simply put- the thickness of the vape juice is dependent on the quality of the brand and the ingredients that are inside the liquid. If it appears more liquefied, then the fluid contains more PG- Propylene Glycol. But if the liquid is thicker, then it means the fluid is rich in VG- Vegetable Glycerin.


The wise thing to do is always shaking the fluid bottle before opening it. At times the substances inside build up at the bottom. If shaking it merges everything back together, then there are no such issues. But if this doesn’t happen, then one should immediately stop vaping with.


Another trick to determine the usability of the vape liquid is pouring the fluid into a container. No matter how thick the liquid is, it will always drip from the bottle. But if this doesn’t happen, it is a sign that the liquid is unsafe for anybody’s use.


  • If It Gives Out A Corrupt Odour:


Just as one smells before eating food, the same concept should be followed with vape liquids. The smell will tell if the fluid is ruined or not. If one finds the smell is corrupt (and nothing like the time it was bought), then dump the bottle and purchase a fresh yet cheap e liquid bottle from a reputed supplier.


Ending Statement:


These are the common signs that state whether the vape liquid in-use has expired or not. Before vaping, always check these aspects and always purchase such liquids from a notable supplier.


With so many suppliers around; it is natural for a first timer to be overwhelmed by the options available to them. But the trick is to find a notable supplier with a good customer-pleasing record and a wide range of quality vape liquids.


These agencies will always keep their rates as per the standard market price. Plus they will present one with plenty of filtering options to sort out the right nicotine strength in their fluid.            


The best part of them is that they have vape liquids for sale of the best brands in the market. All one needs to do is choose.

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