Email marketing as a part of the field of direct marketing refers to the creation of advertising messages and information and sending defined on the screens receiver by a company or organization. The e-mail is used as a transmission path in connection with the customer communication. The professional use of the dialog's distinction is in this context by the fact that the receiver to the sender must have expressly communicated their consent to the address of Use and receiving of messages before.

The communication by newsletter undoubtedly offers a number of advantages that should be taken into account in marketing planning.

Low cost: A significant portion of the cost is caused in traditional marketing through the design, production and delivery of promotional materials (postal mail, brochures, catalogs, etc.). These costs apply to operation of email marketing services. Of course, here generates costs, for example, provider fees for software licenses and fees for the design and the integration of e-mail texts, for services relating to respond to and evaluation of e-mails. According to experts, however, an average of 20 percent of the cost compared to the cost of traditional marketing measures can be saved.
Dialogue capability: In contrast to classical information media or mailings offers e-mail marketing direct feedback options: customers can immediately place orders or inquiries to e-mail information send. Interactive elements such surveys can be implemented quickly. Thus, It provides, for example, to wonder customers who have been informed by e-mailing about new products, if this type of advertising they accepted - so that scattering losses can be avoided.
High Response: As it is easy and convenient to click a link in an e-mailing or newsletter, are generally also the response rates significantly higher than those of classical mailings.
Speed: In contrast to traditional information media consists in e-mail marketing the opportunity to have a low cost to create, quickly benefit-oriented messages. The short duration of shipment of information to the realization of the results, also allows for a short-term assessment of the success of the measures.
Precise Marketing Controlling: The classic mailing measuring success is often complicated. Marketing success is sometimes inaccurately associate with many actions. Unlike in e-mail marketing: can be measured in real time as the number already consigned emails, the number of returns, the number of clicks on links in the email, login, rate and click and opening rates of a Newsletter -Issue. To-date statistics and data on market and customer behavior making it possible to adapt information and product offerings more closely to the needs of the target groups.
The following checklist will help you to test the extent to which the use of bulk email marketing services makes sense for your business.

Checklist: Email marketing - A theme for communicating with your customers?
What measures as part of your customer communications have proved their worth and which are not more?
Do you want to achieve higher customer satisfaction?
Are your current customer retention programs to best effect?
Existence of your customers in the majority of regular customers?
Do you want to inform your inventory clientele in more detail?
Do you want to increase the number of your customers?
Find ways to be able to analyze the information and buying habits of your customers even better?
Is it your objectives, customers quickly, accurately and cost-effectively to inform you about your services?
Enter in your database already e-mail addresses of your customers?
Send regular special offers?
Send regular catalogs or offer overviews?
What special occasions you currently use to contact your customers and prospects?
Put postal mailings or newsletters in order to interact with your customers and prospects?

Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, it becomes increasingly important to observe the competitors on a regular basis to assess their market activities to pursue new trends, assess their own strengths and weaknesses to learn to communicate with the right customer groups and to its products and services align the needs of customers. How do you make that reveals the contribution of "Success Factor Marketing - Strategies for Success in the market".

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