Do Exes Ever Come Back After Dating Someone Else: Is There Any Hope Of Getting My Ex Back

Oh no your ex is dating someone else what do you do? I will tell you how to get your ex back if they are dating someone else or if they are in a rebound relationship. Even though this may make you feel like you cant get your ex back it is actually a very good thing that your ex is dating someone else.

Get Your Ex Back If They Are Dating Someone Else With Your History Together

Your ex may be sitting down with their rebound relationship or with their date and start to think of you because you have history together. This person your ex is with does not have history like you and your ex have. If they have history with your ex it still does not matter because your history is more recent then theirs. This is a big advantage that you can use to get your ex back if they are dating someone else.

90% Of Rebound Relationships Fail

Do not worry if you find out that your ex decides to get into another relationship right after the break up. This would be considered a rebound relationship and 90% of the time rebound relationships do not work out in the end. Your ex is getting into a rebound relationship or dating other people so they can get over you, they do not want to be alone, or they just need to be with someone.

Once your ex feels like they do not need this rebound relationship any more they will break up with this person most of the time. By being supportive and staying friends with your ex they may start telling you about this person they are with. If you stay supportive and remain friends you can get your ex back if they are dating someone else.

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Has your partner left you before you're ready to say goodbye? So many relationships break apart because one person decided they didn't want to try anymore. I know how it feels to be beaten down by a break up and wondering if you'll ever see the light of day. Right now you're probably at one of your lowest lows and wishing your ex would call and express their regrets for leaving. In a way, you feel like you've been lied to and everything you've been planning for the future, is gone in an instant. So is there any hope left? Will your ex come back? Can you make them change their mind?

It's hard to say what your ex will do and every relationship is different. However there are strong evidence to suggest that chances of reconciliation is very possible as couples reunite all the time. We make mistakes and some time down the road, we learn to forgive and make up.

From observation and experience, here are some clues as to the possibility of your ex coming back to you:

Young people are more likely to break up and make up. This is because young people are still discovering who they are and what they're going to do with their life. They're much more driven by their emotions and without much life experience behind them yet, they tend to be more sponanteous in their decision making. It's also true that most break ups occur around early 20s; which is incidentally around the time when people start going out more and meeting new people.

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Although break ups are more frequent, there's also a strong chance of reconciliation later on down the road. The key phrase being 'later on down the road'. Sometimes we need to experience and try a few people on before we go back to the first one that had our heart.

For a couple where the break up occurred suddenly, there's also a great chance of reconciliation as long as the dumpee deals with the situation in a mature and unobtrusive manner. Usually when a break up comes out of the blue, there's much more going on underneath the surface, often the problem lies in over-clinginess, neediness or over-controlling behaviours. You might mistake your actions as being loving, where your partner might see them as suffocating. Reconciliation in this instance can come about by the dumpee understanding the problem issues and fixing them before their ex moves on and away.

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Don't sit around thinking that your situation is so hopeless - it's not! Your biggest wish at the moment is to make your ex fall in love with you again, right? Well, didn't you make this happen when you and your ex first met? Well then it's simply a matter of doing exactly the same thing over again.

It could very well be that you changed quite a bit since you and your ex started dating. Maybe you've change the way you dress, perhaps you behave differently, or maybe you have added a couple of extra kilos to that body that your ex loved so much then. Make your ex fall in love with you again - go back to the way you were - it's that simple.

So don't waste anymore time sitting around moping - you will achieve nothing by doing this. Drag yourself out of the depressed state that you're in and start doing something immediately. After all it's all to make your ex fall in love with you again!

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The first thing you should do is something that will relax you. If walks along the beach that makes you feel good, then do it. Maybe a couple of sessions at the spa will do it for you - then book them and enjoy them. Maybe you find it relaxing to read or watch movies or something - just do anything that will help you to calm down and get your emotions back on track.

Okay so you want to make your ex fall in love with you again. Think back to the way you were when you and your ex first started dating. If it helps, then also look at photos of yourself as well. You will probably find that there is a big difference between the way you looked then and how you looked now. If you notice that you have picked up a little weight since then, then hit the gym and work those extra kilos off.

Buy yourself a whole new wardrobe - this will make a huge difference to the way you look and feel as well. Once you are satisfied that you have done all you can to be absolutely amazing, pay your ex a surprise visit. Did you make your ex fall in love with you again? Your ex's reaction should answer your question!

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Do you ever wonder why so many people struggle to pull their ex back? You see the reason you, and many others, are struggling to get their ex back, is simply because you tend to do things which make your situation worse! After the breakup, you go through an emotional roller coaster and freak out over your ex, and this ends up making you look immensely desperate. So what exactly are the things which will ruin your chances at getting your ex back? Here are 3 of the deadliest mistakes which you never want to make ever again....

Constantly calling your ex, day and night- There isn't a time that you aren't thinking about your ex and wanting to pick up the phone, but let me strongly warn you that this is the biggest mistake you will ever make. You see, by doing this you are simply showing your ex that you are desperate and this only freaks your ex out. Your ex would only ignore you if you keep doing this!

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Telling your ex how wrong he/she is- You only cause yourself more heartache by arguing with your ex, and trying to prove to him/her that they are wrong. What happens is your ex will obviously think of counter arguments, and will pull up ideas and proof against your argument. This would only further assert your ex's decision to stay broken up with you!

Trying really hard to get your ex back, when your ex isn't even interested- You are trying so hard to get your ex back that you literally look pathetic and are only pushing your ex away. You cannot lie, force, argue or blackmail your ex back into your life; and definitely stalking your ex does not work either! The best thing to do in this situation is to ignore your ex for a little while, and you will notice that your ex is the one chasing you after, because your ex will not like the sudden lack of attention.

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