Libido is commonly known as sex drive. Moreover, appropriate sex drive is necessary for a happy love relationship. Nevertheless, low sex drive is a common problem which affects millions of females around the world. However, degrees of libido may vary from woman to woman, and desire for lovemaking also changes from woman to woman depending on the circumstances every woman goes through. Nonetheless, persistent low sex drive can put a female and her partner in distress. Besides, females are much more emotional than males. In addition, due to peaked emotional states which women contain, they are easy prey for emotional stress. And, excessive amount of emotional stress is likely to affect their sex drive in a negative way.

Nevertheless, there are several causes for low libido in females. However, all the reasons for decrease in sex drive and lack of interest in lovemaking activities are not always obvious. But, many experts consider that, a woman is more likely to lose her sex drive due to psychological issues, for example anxiety and stress. Besides, the decrease of desire for lovemaking might also be caused by physiological issues, for example surgery, fatigue, or illness. Moreover, loss of sex drive in females is also associated with aging and pregnancy. Furthermore, certain drugs might also interfere with female's libido, for example anti-depressant, and medications for correcting blood pressure abnormalities. On the other hand, inappropriate level of hormones in the body can reduce desire for intimacy.

Moreover, loss of libido in women is related to the reduction in naturally produced estrogen hormone, which is an essential hormone for active intimate life. Furthermore, some of the prime symptoms of the less sexual desire in women are less frequent thoughts of intimacy, less frequent masturbation, reduced desire for courting, and reluctance to initiate lovemaking tasks. Nevertheless, it is essential to treat libido problems in females, because they can lead to the destruction of relationships. Also, some studies have shown that, loss of sexual desire is one of the leading causes of unhappy existence for women. Nonetheless, low libido in women is treatable, and women must not ignore possibilities when they are seeking for a happy life.

Additionally, there are several female libido enhancers in the market. But, one must choose product cautiously because, some inferior-quality products may contain harsh chemicals that are harmful for the body. However, to eliminate the risk of side-effects, it is wise to choose herbal products which are made with natural herbs and nutrients. And, they do not induce any adverse effects on the user, because they are free from any kind of artificial chemicals. Moreover, herbal female libido enhancers such as Kamni capsules or Fantasy capsules nourish the reproductive system and improve the efficiency of reproductive organs, due to which they act as an excellent female libido enhancers. Furthermore, they balance hormone levels in the body which not only boosts female sex drive but also improves functioning of the organs. In addition, herbal female libido enhancers calm the nerves to alleviate stress and anxiety induced loss of libido.

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