I love it when someone accuses me of playing like a girl because these days’ girls play a lot tougher than when I was growing up. Title IX was just making an impact on athletic programs when I was in school. In 1972 when Title IX, a federal law requiring high schools and colleges that receive federal funds to provide equal opportunities for male and female students, was established it didn’t need to be fair. The boys had several sport options and the girls were cheerleaders. Even then I knew I was not cut out to be a cheerleader.

Developing sporting programs for girls and young women continues to face some difficult battles for equality. Sports programs are continuously reconfigured to finance girl’s sports. Although it is supposed to be equal, many girls programs continue to be inferior to comparable boys programs.

So what does this have to do with mindset? Well, it shows that we are only as limited as our beliefs. When you think small, then you are going to play a safe game. Choosing to look at the BIG picture, however, opens the playing field to a wide range of possibilities to help you reach your fullest potential.

It’s not just boys who are interested in being an athlete. More girls participate in sports now than ever before. The benefits are far-reaching, going beyond the playing field.

• Health
• Emotional benefits
• Goal achievement
• Teamwork
• Leadership
• Career opportunities

With so many positive aspects to sports why wouldn’t we want it to be available to all of our children? Even to this day some myths continue to overshadow girl athletes. As teenagers additional psychological and sociological pressures strongly influence many of their decisions.

• Being athletic will cause girls to become too bulky and muscular
• Some sports are not okay for girls, they are too dangerous
• Girls are just not as interested in sports as boys are
• Only tomboys play sports
• Contact sports are for boys
• Don’t like how they look in their uniforms due to body size
• Takes time away from school and friends

Now is the time to bust those outdated myths. We are doing a good job, but we can do much better. Before Title IX only 1 of every 27 girls played sports. No wonder I never had a chance. The National Federation of State High School Associations claims the stats are now 1 of every 2.5 girls are playing sports.

There continue to be many girls we are not reaching, falling through the cracks. Budget cuts, lack of women coaches and poor support from family all contribute to a girl’s decision about sports. “High schools across the United States are not providing equal opportunities for girls to participate in sports, and some are even cutting athletic opportunities in ways that exacerbate existing gender inequities or create new ones” as reported by the National Women’s Law Center

The benefits of being active, whether male or female, far outweigh the risks. Self confidence, better grades in school plus physical and emotional health are boosted by sports according to research by the World Health Organization. It is our duty to give all of our children the opportunity to be an athlete. With our support, we can make a difference in their lives.

Activity: When you look at your team or your club do you see the opportunities or the problems? It is easy to focus on what is not going well, placing blame on others. Leaders, however, look for the opportunities. What can you be doing now to be part of the solution? List the solutions which will help you and your team. Then choose one solution which you can implement immediately.

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