Wearing life jackets is something that most aren't fond of doing. Life jackets are downright bulky, and they even feel uncomfortably hot sometimes. Still, authorities always assert that life jackets are important. It's because they serve as the first line of defense against drowning.

Kayak fishers spend of their time riding the kayak and hooking fishes. If you're one, I'm pretty sure that you're doubting the importance of wearing a kayak fishing life jacket. That being said, stay here with me and let me explain why wearing it might be more essential than you think.

Kayaks Are Deceivingly Dangerous

Riding the kayak looks very easy. However, riding one is hard especially for the absolute beginner. Kayaking correctly is hard even for professionals. This is why a simple error might lead to catastrophe.

According to this article, 658 recreational boating deaths occurred in 2017. Most of the casualties are motorboat riders. However, it's significant to note that the second largest casualties are kayak riders. The major causes of death were inexperience and turbulent water conditions.

What I'm trying to say is that you should consider wearing a kayak fishing life jacket because you'll never know what might happen. A calm river might rage all of a sudden as torrential rain occurs while you're kayak fishing. Also, you might suffer from heatstroke or sudden dizziness and stumble towards the water.

Kayak Fishing Life Jackets Bring Comfort

I'm sure that you bring a lot of baits for kayak fishing. Having several baits isn't a problem if your fishing kayak has lots of storage compartments. However, this can be a hassle if you're kayak's storage compartment is very limited. Putting the baits on the cockpit flooring instead is an option. Still, know that you'll be sacrificing comfort by doing so.

Kayak fishing life jackets have several portions that you can use to store and hold kayak fishing equipment. Most have large pockets for storing baits. There are even straps for holding extra fishing rods and fishing lines. In a nutshell, kayak fishing life jackets don't only protect you from drowning. They also make kayak fishing more comfortable.

Kayak Fishing Life Jackets Protect Your Back From Sunburn

Your back is prone to get sunburns when kayak fishing during summers. It's because your clothes can't fully protect you against the sun. In connection, wearing life jackets as additional protection against sunburn is great.

It's because some are made out of anti-UV fabric.
Nevertheless, know that life jackets will only protect your back against sunburn and leave your limbs at the mercy of the sun. So don't forget to apply sunblock before heading out.


Remember that kayak fishing life jackets are your friend. They ensure you're survival even if no one is around to save you from drowning. Also, they make kayak fishing easier by giving you extra storage spaces for fishing rods, baits, and fishing lines, Lastly, they prevent the sun from giving you sunburn.

Build the habit of wearing a life jacket every time you decide to go kayak fishing. After all, a little discomfort is better than succumbing to a life-threatening event.

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Md Rasel is a professional blogger.