Do I Have A Small Penis: What To Do About A Small Penis

It is an acknowledged fact that most men are not satisfied with their size of their penises though the average penile size is about 6 inches. There have been a couple of surveys on the penile size but they do not reveal consistent results. Following are some of the surveys and their results:

Average Penis Length and Girth :

Dr. Kinsey conducted this survey in the late 1940s which involved 3500 college age men. The results indicated the average penile size as 6.21 inches long and 4.85 inches thick in erect state. However, the results are highly debated since these men were asked to measure their penises in private and mark their size on a postcard.

Another survey done by Durex reveal penile size in the range of 6.4 inches long and 5.2 inches thick. Yet another survey done by Lifestyle Condoms show this size to be around 5.87 inches long and 4.97 inches thick.

As such, I am sure you can make out that though the results vary, considering all the information above you can assume an average man to be 5.4 to 6.3 inches long and 5.2 to 5.4 inches thick down there.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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How to Increase Penile Size

Whatever, the surveys might indicate, fact of the matter is that most men seek penile enhancement since they think they can prove themselves better lovers if they have larger members since a larger shaft puts them in a better position to cover more of a woman's erogenous vaginal area and reach the much fabled G-spot to make their women achieve real and intense orgasms.

Various methods are being used by men to achieve more penile size but the most preferred and easy techniques include traction devices, exercises and natural pills.

Both the traction devices and exercises work upon the principle of Tissue Expansion to help increase the size of Corpora Cavernosa which are the two blood holding chambers on top of the male shaft where blood is held and increasing the size of Corpora Cavernosa means more blood in the shaft during erections which makes for a larger and thicker penile size.

Though traction devices are effective most men prefer simple exercises that do not take take more than 15-20 minutes a day to wearing a device for 2-6 hours a day. Moreover, exercise programs are ,much cheaper to join as compared to buying a clinically approved traction device which could turn out to be somewhat expensive.

These exercises are called Jelqs and can add 1-3 inches to your male shaft if you are regular with your exercise schedule within a few weeks. Moreover, the result are permanent and real and your penile size does not shrink back once you stop performing these exercises.

Moreover, it is recommended to combine Jelq exercises with natural pills. Here you must understand it very clearly that pills by themselves can not increase penile size but they can boost blood flow to the genitals and enhance the effect of exercises. The entire process is put on fast track by combining natural pills and Jelqs. Moreover, better blood flow ensures firmer and longer lasting erections.

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Exercises for penis enlargements have been discovered for over a thousand years ago. Yes, our ancestors were the first people who used simple exercises to make their penis bigger. Today, you can also use these exercises on how to make your penis bigger so you can have a more satisfying and fulfilling sexual experience.

Most of these exercises can help you effectively please your sexual partners during lovemaking because these will not only make your penis grow bigger, it can also improve men's erections by making it a very hard and a very long erection. If your penis can achieve this, you will be able to stay longer in bed to give your woman a long lasting sexual intercourse that is very memorable and enjoyable.

Getting a bigger sized penis can be life-changing. Have you ever imagined how confident you can become in picking up women and have a pleasurable sexual activity with your long and big penis? Have you ever thought about how women would beg for you to sleep with them when they realize that you have a penis size, bigger than the average? Anyone can achieve a big and life-changing penis size with these simple exercises:

The Kegel Exercises - The Kegel exercises have been proven over the years to be very effective in increasing the penile size rapidly. This is also a good exercise that can prolong men's erection during sex. This is because the exercises will not be targeting your penis itself. But, it is centered on the development of the pubococcygeus muscle. Once this muscle is trained properly, you can be sure of having longer erections. You can stay longer in bed and let your partner reach orgasm first before you ejaculate.

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Jelqing - This is said to be a very old technique that may have been in existence for thousands of years now. The movements of this exercise may be visualized as similar to milking a cow, only in this instance you are milking the penis. As you do this exercise for penile enlargement, you will be able to visibly increase the size of the penis because of the increase in the amount of blood in the Corpora Covernosa. When the exercise is done on a regular basis, it will permanently increase the size of the penis, making it bigger in length and in width.

Stretching - Penis stretching is also a good form of penile exercise for enhancement. Doing this exercise will stretch the cells and the tissues in the penis so that it grow longer and bigger.

These are just some of the penis exercises that are effective in increasing your penile size to the length you desire, you will be able to give your partner a wonderful experience in bed that will last in her thoughts for a longer time. You can use these exercises on how to make your penis bigger so that you can increase your size in a safe way.

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Believe it or not, there are many harmful penis enlargement programs out there nowadays, some of which aren't even worth it because they aren't effective in any way. The worst ones are the ones that are so harmful that they could bring about serious injuries., though.

Unfortunately, a lot of men fall for these harmful penis enlargement programs because they are insecure and unsatisfied with the sizes of their penises. In this article, you will learn all about the harmful penis enlargement programs that you need to avoid like the plague, no matter how badly you want to improve your penis size.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps basically refer to suction devices, which are fitted onto the penis and activated in order to make it swell and bring about an erection as needed. Once activated, they basically create a pressurized vacuum on the penis that causes blood to rush into it and make it look bigger. While these pumps are known to help men overcome erectile dysfunction, it doesn't change the fact that they are some of the most harmful penis enlargement programs out there.

See, it is quite easy to misuse these pumps. If used vigorously, for example, they might create too much pressure on the penis and bring about vascular damage. Sometimes, men get injured when their manhood gets pulled or sucked into the cylinder, as well. The worst part is that, so far, there are no proven studies that show remarkable changes in penis length after these pumps have been used.

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Penis Patches and Pills

Penis patches and pills are quite popular on the World Wide Web. They basically promise to provide subtle yet convenient ways to enlarge the penis. As with the pumps, however, there are no studies that prove this so far. All of the brands that sell penis pills haven't been FDA-approved, either, so that just goes to show that they aren't safe in any way. In fact, a lot of people claim that they are completely ineffective and only exist to help people make money from desperate men.

Aside from being ineffective, these harmful penis enlargement programs are known to have contaminants in them, including yeasts, e. coli, pesticides and molds. Again: these pills aren't regulated nor FDA-approved so there aren't any guarantees that they source their ingredients from reputable manufacturers, either. In fact, nobody knows how these products are even manufactured to begin with.

Penile Surgery

In a nutshell, penile surgery involves getting rid of certain ligaments in the penis that connect to the bottom of the pelvic bones. This is basically done in order to make the hidden parts of the penis show up and make it look longer overall. The theory is to cut the ligaments and expose more of the penis to make it look longer than it actually is.

Unfortunately, this kind of surgery has a dissatisfaction rate of 70%. Aside from that, it also comes with a very high risk of the loss of ability to get an erection. As such, it wouldn't be advisable for men to look into penile surgery if all that they want to do is make their penis look bigger or better.

Now that you know which harmful penis enlargement programs to avoid like the plague, you can start looking into techniques that are more effective and much safer instead. Penile exercises, for example, are specially made to encourage new cell growth inside the corpora cavernosa in the penis to make it grow longer and thicker. The best part is that these exercises can do so in a permanent, safe and all-natural way.

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If you are anything like the majority of men out there, then dreams of having a bigger penis have probably been plaguing your mind for a while now. Regardless of how big your current penis size might be, you are probably thinking that it could still be better. If this is the case, then you should definitely look into penis enlargement exercises to get what you want.

Penis enlargement exercises are, without a doubt, the most natural and the safest methods that you can look into for penis enlargement. Most men who have tried out these exercises have actually reported increases of up to three inches in their erect penis length after only a few months of doing the said exercises. Their penises were reportedly thicker afterwards, too.

Aside from the aforementioned results, following certain penis enlargement exercises can also bring about other benefits, like more energy in bed, stronger erections and better blood circulation in the penis. Some men have also reported better ejaculation control, longer-lasting ejaculations and significant improvements in both sexual satisfaction and overall pleasure.

Now, if you are currently thinking about starting a program that involves penis enlargement exercises, the it would be important for you to get your facts straight first. Here is everything you need to know about these exercises in a nutshell:

1. They work.

What makes natural exercises so great is the mere fact that they really work. A ton of men from all over the world will also vouch for the safety of these methods and their overall ability to increase penile size with ease and speed.

It has to be noted that these exercises won't work for everyone, though. If you aren't exactly in your best state of health, for example, you might want to forgo these exercises altogether. This would hold especially true if you have Peyronie's disorder, which affects the soft penile tissues and generally brings about an abnormal and extreme curvature of the penis.

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2. They are safe.

Penis enlargement exercises are known to be the safest methods to look into if you want to get a bigger penis size in the end. However, it has to be noted that you could hurt yourself if you don't follow legitimate exercises. This is why it would be incredibly vital to make sure that you get your exercises and their manuals from reliable and trustworthy sources first and foremost.

3. Any adult can use them.

As long as you are an adult - that is, 18 years old or older - you can benefit from these exercises in the long run.

4. The results are permanent.

Although these penile exercises are called 'exercises', that doesn't necessarily mean that you have to do them forever just to keep the results intact. In fact, this is another great thing about these exercises: as long as you get them from a reliable provider, you will get permanent results out of them - believe it.

Good providers should generally be able to point you in the direction of end-routine exercises, so you can keep the gains after a certain period of time of doing the necessary exercises. These exercises will not just work on the muscles in the penis, but will also make way for new, strong tissues to grow around the penis's corpora cavernosa cell walls.

5. They are easy and fast to do.

The majority of penis enlargement exercises out there are incredibly easy. Plus, they don't need a lot of investment in terms of effort or time. In fact, you can do them for less than half an hour every other day and already get the results that you want that way.

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For men, the desire to grow a bigger sized manhood has been around for ages. So has the technique of doing penis exercise to achieve it. And even though today there are plenty of other modern inventions meant to help you gain size down below, exercising still remains one of the most effective - not to mention absolutely easy - way to enlarge your penis!

Since the ancient Arab times, men have taken advantage of this exercising technique to make their precious manhoods look physically bigger. The same knowledge is still practised among some men today. However, with the introduction of products such as pumps, extender tools, and growth pills, many guys tend to ignore this highly effective technique.

Which is certainly quite a shame! The truth of the matter is, medical researchers have studied the effects of doing exercises on the average male organ and found enough scientific proof to show it does work. Even doctors endorse this particular method of enhancing ones manhood!

But how does it actually work?

To better comprehend the effects of exercising your penis to grow it bigger, you first have to realize what actually makes up your little buddy down there.

Your male organ is made up of 3 spongy-tissue-like chambers - 2 of them, called the Corpora Cavernosa, are where blood rushes in when you get sexually aroused, to cause your penis to erect. By doing the right exercises, you can actually cause these chambers to expand to hold more blood; and logically, this results in your penis becoming bigger!

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In order to reach that goal, you would need to exercise your male organ using specific exercising techniques. These actions help to stretch the erectile tissues, or namely the Corpora Cavernosa, which makes the erectile tissues grow. And in typical cases, it takes only 6 weeks for your penis to end up significantly bigger than what you started with.

Now the more important question: how do you actually exercise your manhood?

Frankly, it is extremely easy to perform the necessary exercises. The routines simply involve specific stretching and massaging actions which can be easily done with just your hands. In fact, you do not need a lot of time to do them; it only takes just about 20-30 minutes each morning for you to perform all the routines at home.

One such exercise routine which you can do on your penis to stimulate it into growing bigger involves pulling and stretching it in various directions:

1. You start with your male organ in its flaccid state

2. Grasp your manhood's head and pull it outwards away from you

3. Hold the stretch for approximately 15 seconds before letting go

4. Relax your organ before repeating several more times (vary the direction of your stretch each time)

There are several other reasons why you should seriously consider doing exercises to get your penis to grow bigger in size...

Compared to other conventional ways of male enhancement, penis exercise is also considered very affordable. Why? Because typically, you do not require any special customized tools or laboratory researched medications which would certainly cost you a lot of money!

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