Do I Have an Anxiety Disorder: Anxiety Symptoms and Treatment

In any form of illness, it is necessary for you to know the possible causes. However, not all causes are identified today. There are some conditions that have various causes and this is why pinpointing the factors that have caused the condition may not be easy. There can be more series of tests that needs to be done. This is applicable to those who have anxiety attack. Thus, if you want to cure the condition, you may want to watch out for the anxiety disorder symptoms rather than the cause.

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When you know the symptoms, you will be able to have time to prepare yourself for the possible cure. Also, you will know your situation and you can avoid getting to a more dangerous state. The length of an attack varies but when you are able to prepare yourself and the medicines that you can take, this can lessen the possible length of the attack.

Anxiety disorder symptoms include the situation when a person feels hard breathing. This can be an annoying situation since you don't have a full control of yourself. But you should fight and try thinking more positively. Calming down would counter attack your anxiety which can lessen the bad effects of the situation. The attack is characterized by a sudden change in intense emotion which can happen within a short period of time.

This is a form of disorder wherein it is not really a life threatening. However, you should consider that this may disable you because of your intense thoughts. You should still avoid it especially because it can turn more serious if you do not cure it. Depression is another health condition that is connected with anxiety attacks. You will still be unhealthy when you let this go on so you should take part in changing what you feel during the start of the attack.

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When you feel an increase in your heartbeat, palpitation, irregular breathing, coldness, dizziness, abdominal discomfort and losing control of your body, you are having an attack. These are the common signs for those who are having an anxiety attack.

If this happens to you, your thinking may be clouded that you feel that there is an impending danger that may happen to you when in fact, there is none. You have to think more clearly and feel that you are not in danger. You have to assess your actual situation and avoid generalizing or assuming danger. Think more of the positive thoughts as this would help you calm down and feel less uneasy. Your body can respond to your thoughts so you have to remember that you can have a control of your thoughts if you start doing so.

The anxiety disorder symptoms happen because your thoughts are disrupted. Your natural decision making process is also clouded but you have to remember not to get too much affected by the situation. Once you feel the signs, you should now try to divert your attention to better thoughts so that you can avoid having the attacks.

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Most of the people will feel anxious when they need to give a speech or presentation to a group of people in front of them. It is normal, as this is not something that we do everyday. We will tend to feel nervous and worries about our performance skill and appearance and the reaction and reception by the people.

Here are some tips for the beginner on how to overcome social anxiety.

Humor- To make the ambiance more relax instead of tense and the breathing and focus should be able to go a lot better, feel less nervous, which enable you to perform to the best of your ability.

Visualize- You can visualize a peaceful situation during your speech or presentation, where you work from a comfortable place, to help overcome social anxiety.

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Breathe- take a deep breath before you start your presentation or speech. Check your appearance and ensure you have your notes with you. Breathing helps to ease off your anxiety and clear your mind.

Stay focus- focusing on the tasks on hand but nothing else. You will not see what is around you when you are concentrating on the tasks that you are doing.

Keep practicing- practice makes perfect, just keep practicing and rehearsing your speech or presentation. It will build up your confidence and you able to performance it even better. Have a bite of chocolate, it somehow helps to reduce our stress level and feel less nervous.

Abovementioned tips are very effective to overcome social anxiety, give speech and presentation with confidence.

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Anxiety is a common situation for many people. This is still considered normal but you should avoid getting your condition to change into a more complication one. There are times when anxiety attacks affect a person too much and this is what you should avoid.

Dealing with anxiety can be in any form as long as you can lessen the length and intensity of the attacks. It may be helpful for you to know the causes of the attack so that you can avoid these circumstances to happen again. However, you should know that the causes of anxiety can differ from one person to another. Thus, you have to think of other ways to improve your situation. It would be best to educate yourself about the disorder and its signs. When you know the signs, you will know right away when you are already having an attack. You can prepare yourself and find solution to your problems.

Moreover, you should also remember that you have to seek medical help. When you are dealing with anxiety you have to know your medical condition. There are many specialists who can help you out. You just have to seek for the right kind of expert, one that can provide you with the modern methods of treatment and help you find the ways that can minimize the attacks.

You should also remember that depression and stress are related to anxiety. Thus, you also have to avoid getting too much bothered about many things. You should consider the positive thoughts as this would help you relax and avoid thinking too much.

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A person who is having an anxiety attack is one who thinks that there is danger that will happen to him. However, the actual situation shows that there is none. Thus, you have to think more clearly and avoid generalizing or assuming situations to happen. You have to weigh your situation in a more practical manner and remember that you are safe.

Your mind is affected and this is shown in the way that your body moves. You have to think that these physical attributes of your situation should be avoided since you may feel that you are limited by these attacks. It can affect your work or anything that you do so you should remember not to let it get into your life too much.

Dealing with anxiety would be easier if you have others supporting you. The doctor may be a big help as he would know the medical thing to do. However, it would also be helpful if your family and friends are there for you. It would be easier to feel comfortable with the people that you know.

You will have to tell them your situation so that they would understand your actions. If other people know what is really happening, then they would know why it is happening to you so they may be able to help you in diverting your attention to more positive thoughts. Thus, you will be able to feel better and find solution to your disorder.

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There are plenty of options to look at if it's clear you need a social anxiety treatment. Social Anxiety is not something that should have a stigma attached to it, as it's one of the most common anxieties or phobias treated by the medical and psychiatric professions.

So what options are there for social anxiety treatment? They broadly fall into the categories of self-help, some form of drugs, or counselling - or a mix of all of these.

Self-help can vary from very simple things to deal with sweating, or trembling hands, to the far more complex. While its very difficult to address the real underlying causes of anxiety through this method you can learn significant techniques to counter the worst symptoms of social phobia. The most effective can be learning to control your breathing through deep, steady, breaths from the diaphragm, which helps lower the heart rate.

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Being diagnosed with social phobia can also lead to a course of drugs or anti-depressants. These can be effective, but some people have reported feeling of detachment, plus other side effects. While some people are quite happy on prescribed medication and feel the benefits, others are less convinced. The problem is you can never be quite certain as to how any one person will react. It might take several goes at dosage or type of drug to get things right.

While nothing is 100 percent certain in social anxiety treatment, the most successful strategy seems to be undergoing some form of therapy, either face to face, or on-line. Cognitive behavioural therapy gradually looks to challenge the underlying reasons for social anxiety, the eternal fear of judgement by others, and try and attack them. Whether it is a live or on-line treatment, if you can grasp this then you have a chance of making a breakthrough.

The key point is once the brain is working at an instinctive level, then reason will lose. So an effective social anxiety treatment has to gnaw away at your basic fears to provide long lasting benefits.

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