This is a complicated question, and the answer to this is probably going to be dated very quickly as the role of social media in communications, daily life and especially e-commerce continues to shift and Bob around rather unpredictably.

While something like an Instagram followers panel isn’t necessarily a bad idea provided you heavily utilize social media like Instagram, especially in an art-driven context, things have changed significantly in regards to the role of social media in the last couple years. While it still remains a heavily-use channel for communications, things are quite different than they were a few years ago when it seemed like the future was all about social media. It seemed like the world was going to revolve around Facebook, Instagram, twitter and the like, but these are quickly falling more into niche aspects of a larger picture.

This isn’t to say that social media is on its way out, it’s to say that being entirely too reliant on it as your marketing and outreach platform is a bad idea. More tried-and-true delivery methods for art, content and so forth have managed to retain their spots. For all its flaws, YouTube isn’t going anywhere, neither are art galleries nor blog hosting sites.

The thing is, the speed at which social media is adopted has slowed, with some of the younger generations less interested in being present on every platform, and a significant number of people from previous generations having never adopted social media at all. People in the millennial and generation X generations only saw about a 30% adoption, which is actually less than the “Boomer” generation before.

People are beginning to see the problems inherent with social media, such as the constant nuisance they can be, the ease that with which they can be weaponized through “doxing”, and their limited usefulness outside the original intended purposes.

Does this mean I don’t need to worry about the best SMM panel for Instagram?

No, what this means is that you shouldn’t pour a fortune into your social media presence. As a matter of fact, unless you’re a large corporation, you can get away with spending absolutely no money at all on your social media presence, simply managing it yourself provided you have the social flair to do so, and using free panels, or custom-made paddles they can easily be put together through simple point-and-click phone app creation tools.

Social media isn’t going anywhere, but it is in the end-all replacement for everything also people once thought, and presence on social media is only going to be one facet in a larger digital presence. This is how it was when social media first emerged, and this is simply a return to the norm, the initial rapid-adoption and novelty of social media having passed in the recent couple decades.

If you are an artist, especially a photographer or life writer, Instagram is a valuable platform, so I capable Instagram followers panel is still a useful tool, so don’t write it off entirely. Just don’t spend a fortune on complicated interfaces you don’t necessarily need.

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This Article Penned by Lora Davis