Our emotions play an integral part in our lives whether it is home and hearth, work, or our business life. If our emotions are out of whack, then the rest of our lives will be out of whack too. This can weigh on your life in many ways, including making us look older, feel older, and go through our days weighted down with the problems of the world. The way to let go of some of this is to give yourself an emotional facelift.

We can do this by changing how we think about things. If you are prone to negative thoughts it is important to change your negative thoughts to positive ones, you can do this by first identifying negative thoughts and then by:

Turning your thoughts into an image. You can do this by using a vision board, or a service like Pinterest. Put all your negative thoughts into pictures on the vision board, then take one thing at a time and change it to positive. For example, today you live in an apartment, but you want to live in a nice house. Put up a picture of the apartment, then in the new vision board put a picture of your dream house. Do this with each negative thought until you've created a vision board with the positive images that you desire.

Choose an alternative thought. Focusing on an alternative thought will go far into making you feel like the positive alternative is the reality. After all, you are the one who is in charge of your reality. You are the one who is empowered to make change. You can change your life by changing your thoughts about your life. Further, by focusing on solutions instead of problems, you can work toward creating that ideal life you envisioned on the vision board.

In order to give yourself an emotional facelift ask yourself the right questions:

What's great about today? -- Be specific in your answers. Write down exactly what is great about today. Maybe the only thing great today is that you're up and breathing, maybe you love the weather, maybe you got a big deposit into your PayPal account. Describe exactly what is great today in specific detail.

What do I like the most about this? -- Now take what you like about today and expand about why you like it, and what part you like most. Do you like most the fact that you can still breathe and you're alive so that you can contribute to society, or something else? Do you like the deposit into your PayPal account because it was residual income or because you worked hard for that payment? Explain it.

What am I most proud of? -- Describe how the event above makes you proud. Are you proud that you can be happy you're still breathing due to something you went through? Did you overcome an unhealthy life, lose weight, start exercising? Did you implement a lesson you learned and it resulted in earning money?

What am I most looking forward to? -- What are you looking most forward to in your life? Does the advent of getting money in your PayPal account make you excited? Why, what are you

looking forward to?

How can it get any better than this? -- What can I do to make it better? Or, can I revel in the experience by fully feeling how great I feel right now? Enjoy the feeling and then figure out how to do it again so you can have that feeling again.

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