DIY weddings have become very popular this year and will be for years to come. The reason why is not hard to see. The pandemic has created a backlog of weddings that makes it hard to secure good vendors. Prices of services in the wedding industry have also gone up due to the economy, and couples have to find a way to cope.

With the right kind of planning, a DIY wedding could be a very cost-effective alternative to regular weddings. You could end up having a beautiful sangeet, mehndi party, ceremony, and reception. Doing it yourself can also help you cut back on your budget for other important events like your baraat and other events the week of your celebration. Here are some important reasons why we think Do It Yourself weddings are here to stay.


Personalization has been a big theme with weddings of recent. Typically when you think of personalized Indian weddings, it involves dances, singing, and other theatrical elements. Personalized weddings are memorable and exciting. They make the wedding experience worth it for lots of guests.

DIY weddings provide the perfect opportunity for couples to personalize their big day. When you do it yourself, you can get creative and have your favors, centerpieces, and other decorations become a reflection of your culture and individual personalities.
You’ll get a chance to leave your own mark on your celebration and in the heart of your guests. In these times when relationships are important, it is only right that this is the way many couples will choose to go.

They Are Cost-Effective

With DIY weddings, it is easy to know out rightly what you want and what you don’t. You’ll also be bypassing most middlemen costs, expensive vendors and other unnecessary costs. Typically with traditional Indian wedding planner you will hire a planner to organize the events the week of your celebration. These vendors have relations with a network of local professionals. However, a majority of the time these vendors pay extra to be referred by the planner.

You could cut out one or two expensive local vendors by hiring a DIY company to ship you backdrop rentals for instance. In addition, you can source the vendors yourself without having to get a referral form your planner to save on hidden kickback fees that go from the planner to the referred company. Especially if this is a fusion wedding, then you will be able to work in an Western vendors that can easily align with your taste and preferences.

Labor costs will also be cut out except for some services which you absolutely need a professional for. This will mean you can save more and put that money to use in other important aspects of your life. With the way the economy has taken a downturn due to the pandemic, lots of couples need cost-effective ways to live. So, a DIY wedding will provide the perfect answer.

They Fit with Any Theme

Due to the pandemic, there has been a limit to the kind of wedding themes that couples can choose. For example, destination weddings were completely out of the question at one point. DIY weddings work well with any theme!

You can bring in larger than life colors to give a peacock vibe or to match with your marigold garland décor. For example you can rent pipe & drape to create you a lovely mandap for your ceremony or backdrop for your reception. Anyway you look at it you can select the colors yourself and work them into your décor that you pick and arrange without needing an expensive vendor.

You’ll be doing most of the work yourself, so you can easily tailor it to meet whatever your vision is. This is really important now because couples are having to adapt their wedding ideas to fit this pandemic time. With a DIY wedding, you can do just that.

You Can Learn and Discover A Lot with Them

Spending time planning their wedding has turned some brides into expert wedding planners. You could also discover you have a flair for design or even decorations. Sometimes, it could even be that you discover you’re an expert deal hunter and learn to monetize it. Let's be honest who doesn't appreciate a good deal?

In a world where you can never get enough skills, this could work out positively for you. You might consider becoming a part of your local wedding industry and offering your expertise to future potential couples. You can never have too much knowledge they say, and it doesn’t even have to just be weddings. You could learn about management, organization, logistics and transportation.

It’s A Chance to Strengthen Your Relationship

We’ve all become that much more aware of how important relationships are during this pandemic. DIY weddings will teach you the importance of working together, being united and trusting each other. Couples who are given a chance to choose to work together on this will be delighted to. This will help ensure that your wedding reception is a direct reflection of your style and preferences.

You can map out your strategies, do the work and most importantly watch your dream come to life. Planning a wedding is a major step in marriage towards everyday life. This means that it will help prepare your relationship for joint responsibilities you will face daily after the wedding. That rewarding feeling of knowing you did it together is one that will make many couples consider DIY weddings a strong option for years to come.

Everyone Can Do It

This is one of the best results of DIY weddings and why we think they’ll be with us for a very long time. You don’t have to be an Indian wedding expert to plan your DIY wedding. All you need is the vision, zeal and dedication. You and your partners don’t need certificates or any kind of experience either. With the right mindset and adequate planning, your wedding can be a success.

DIY weddings have been popular for a while now and will be in the years to come. So, if you’re thinking of having one, you are not alone. Give yourself enough time, this way you can enjoy your planning process as you make progress towards your wedding planning goals. With a simple search on the web, you’ll get lots of resources and ideas to help make your Indian wedding a huge success. Congratulations!

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