There are many tactics in decoration that totally change the appearance of a space and that are a very good option for our house because they give it a different touch. We choose how and with what to decorate according to our taste but also to our budget and that is where the handmade decoration has to win. It is not necessary to be an expert in crafts to decorate your house but it is worth clarifying that handmade does not mean badly done.

In this article you will find do-it-yourself decoration projects that will inspire you to give your own decorative touch to your spaces because after all, who better than you to decorate your home? get to work and you will realize how easy it is to do it yourself.

Recycling is the answer

There are recycled elements that make a difference, for example, you can use the boxes of shoes that you buy to build a library or to create spaces within an existing one, collect several boxes, glue them and paint them in the colors of the library and put the books in the frontal boxes, it will be the most modern and ecological library that you have had.

Reusable bottles

When we enter the handmade decoration we must see all things with the potential to be decorated or to be reusable, perhaps with a totally different use to the one we gave at the beginning, such is the case with jars of jam that can become great containers for thousands of objects. Wash them, dry them, find a place where you can shine them and fill them with colored objects such as marbles, spheres, markers or the elements you want to organize and show off in these transparent glass jars that are in trend.

Painting by hand

I know you're not a professional painter, but what if you dare to add a little more color to your room? Take advantage of what is yours and you can give it your style. If you want to paint geometric or linear shapes like the image, you can define the places you want to paint with masking tape, that will help you get where you want and not beyond. This simple trick will give you the security of painting because it will make your brushstrokes perfect.

Templates with designs

Another tactic to give your house a personalized touch is painting some spaces with designs, there are templates of flowers, butterflies, geometric shapes, hand made letters and many more that will surely look great in your home, choose the design (s) that best suits you like and put to paint.


The vases give a cheerful touch to any place, but you can give them the touch you want. Buy the unpainted ceramic vases and paint them yourself, it can be white or if you risk a little more fill them with color. If your decoration leans towards earth colors put spikes in your vases that will combine perfectly with this type of colors, or if you prefer you can fill them with flowers of strong colors that contrast with the white or with the color that you have chosen to paint your vases .

Good impressions

If what you have in mind is a much more elaborate design maybe painting is not the best option but print yes. Now you can decorate with prints because there are machines that print in large format, perfect for you to put your designs on the walls, the floor and even the ceiling , just make sure you get a paper where the ink does not run and is resistant and you will have given a very original touch to your spaces.

Get attention with your favorite color

In our house there are very beautiful places that lose prominence by the colors we handle in them, you can paint by hand certain parts of the house that need a colored hand, a color that contrasts with the usual one will be the perfect one for you to put on your overalls and take out the artist you have inside.

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