We all wish to have a beautiful home. So, would you want to ruin it or enhance it? The choice is yours! DIY may seem a money-saving option, but doing it without proper knowledge and skills can break the bank. Plus, tile installation is something that should be left to the professionals.
When you think of giving your floors a new look, the first reaction is looking up for the internet for ‘floor tilers near me’ or ‘local tilers near me’. And reputable tile installers like Apex Tilers saves you the time and hassle of checking the availability of local tilers in London and going through all those classifieds. As professionals like this are always on call to offer quick assistance. Whether its renovation or just tile installation for the home, they will consider your preferences and build the dream house you have always wanted.

What Makes Professional Tile Installation Jobs Better Than DIY Projects?

Professional tile installers skills and methods are something that a DIY project or a novice will definitely lack. These make them stand out and help you give the look that you have wanted for your office or home. Do you still feel that a DIY project will be better for your home, than professional assistance? Then you need to consider the following aspects and make the right choice for yourself:

1. Supplies : The most significant part of any tile installation job is using the right supplies. Without the appropriate tools and supplies, you can’t think of finishing the job efficiently and on time. So, let’s take a look at a comparison between a DIY and a professional’s work:

DIY project : Have you ever performed flooring installation in your home? Do you have any basic knowledge of home improvement projects? Do you know the kind of tools required for the job? Do you enjoy doing hard labor tasks? Do you know where you can find the superior quality supplies at affordable prices? If you answered no to some of these questions, this means that you should drop the idea of doing it yourself.

Professionals : A professional has been doing this for years and can take care of all project details. They know the supplies and tools required for setting, cutting and grouting tile. Having been in this field for so long has helped them earn the idea about where they can get the best of supplies and tools at the most affordable prices.
So, a professional flooring contractor can provide you with credible and reliable service, saving you money in the long run. They buy their tools and supplies in bulk, and that reduces the cost of tools and supplies.

2. Steps to take before the Actual Tile Installation
Job :

Before starting the installation job there are so many tasks that need to be performed. These tasks will determine that whether your tile installation job will be long-lasting or it will crack or grouts starts breaking within a couple of months.

DIY : Performing DIY projects may seem like the best way to save money and learn new skills, however, you have to be willing to put the effort and time and dedicate to completing the job. If you don’t have patience, prior experience or don’t like getting your hands dirty, then the DIY method is not for you. Here are a few things to ask yourself when it comes to your level of understanding and experience for a tile installation project :

  • Do you know how to check the joists?
  • Do you know how to remove old flooring safely and prep the subfloor?
  • Do you know how to check for water damage and mold or replace subflooring?

If the answer is no to most of the questions, then opting for a DIY job maybe not right for you. If you don’t know what prep work is required before installing the tile, the tile will look sloppy, improperly installed and will cause the surrounding grout to break or crack.

Professionals : Tiling contractors go through years of training so that they can give you a smooth and perfect tile installation. Without a doubt, you can expect faster installation, precise cuts to uneven tiles, smooth tile edges, prevent water damage, reduce waste tile, safely remove the old flooring and much more from professionals. Moreover, they will clean up your space, after the work is done.
These factors are just the small visible part, there are numbers of aspects that professionals manage much better, like the risk assessment that an inexperienced can never achieve. All of the factors are governed by the expertise, skill, and experience that the experts have and an inexpert, making DIY projects more costly and time-taking. Do not put your safety and home at risk with a DIY project! Let the professionals do all the hard work for you.

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