Ever have trouble zipping up your favorite dress before work in the morning? No roommate to help you fasten a bracelet with a pesky clasp? These problems will be a thing of the past with a few easy tips and tricks. Here are five do it yourself fashion and beauty tips will have you feeling like the strong and independent woman you are and looking like a whole new you!

The first tip is a lifesaver for the hard to reach zipper on the back of a dress or top. You don’t need a man to zip up your dress for you anymore! Simply loop a piece of string or even dental floss through the little hole in the zipper that’s long enough for you to easily reach over your shoulder and pull. If the hole in the zipper is too small, attach a safety pin first and then loop the string through that. Or, if you are looking for a more long standing solution that you can keep in your closet to grab in an instant when you are getting dressed, one company has made a zipper hack for you. The braided leather lanyard has a clip at the end that you simply clip to the zipper and pull up. It is great to pack on a business trip when your hotel room doesn’t have the materials to make your own.

Another next do it yourself trick allows you to transform a baggy, tired t-shirt that sits at the bottom of the drawer into something that you are excited to wear! All you need is a pair of scissors and a little confidence to start snipping away. Even something as simple as cutting the sleeves off or turning the crewneck into a nice V-neck shape can instantly transform a t-shirt. Pinterest is a great place for shirt cutting designs to take a boxy old shirt to a true fashion statement.

The third strategy for helping you get ready on your own is to use tape to make putting on jewelry a breeze. To easily put a bracelet on your own wrist, simply use a little piece of scotch tape to temporarily tape the end of the bracelet to your wrist. This will help keep the clasp in place while you fasten the other end. Then, just rip off the tape and you are done!

The next tip is for women who have trouble reaching some of the clothes on the top row of their closet. Perhaps a pair of shorts doesn’t hang long enough for you to reach and pull down. An easy, do it yourself solution is to stagger hangers vertically using soda can tabs. This way, the clothes hang lower and are not only easier to reach, but save closet space as well.

The fifth and final strategy is to help enhance your beauty routine without the help of a professional. One tip for getting a sleek, polished ponytail or bun is to use a little bit of clear mascara on around your part. This gets rid of any flyaways without making your hair crunchy or sticky. For women on the go, this makes for easy packing. Skip the clunky bottle of hairspray or gel, simply use what you already have in your makeup bag to get a professional look on your own!

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