One of the most daunting notions upon graduating from law school is the need to influence others to use the practice. Traditionally most law schools do not offer business courses to outgoing students. Moreover the idea that lawyers need to market their services can be overwhelming. However, look out reality, lawyers are in the marketing business.

To be in business today requires communicating value to prospective clients. After all nothing happens unless a client is represented. That said it becomes necessary for lawyers to become involved in activities that promote the business. One of components vital to marketing is selling. Where marketing is the process of providing information that emotes value, selling is the process of exchanging value for money.

Selling requires two important concepts 1) prospecting potential clients and 2) providing enough value that engages prospective clients to use the firm's practice. Orchestrating these two processes are four parallel steps:
1- Preparing what to say before hello
2- Asking relevant questions that define unmet needs
3- Generating emotion from understanding objectives and measurements of success
4- Preparing to ask for the business

A major concept for selling is that it is no more than a conversation that seeks to gain trust and respect. Selling is merely about building relationship or rather investing in them; not buying services. Prospective clients invest in those they trust and respect. More importantly, an investment is initiated by creating emotional appeal.

Selling requires little training, but a strong focus since it is the nucleus for a practices' success. The more activity, the more client volume and most importantly the more revenue.

How much sales activity is in your practice?

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