Yes! Liquid diets, as the name suggests, means getting liquids only as a part of the
diet. The liquid diet is a diet that can replace all the meals with fruit, vegetables,
milkshakes or basically liquids, which have to be taken at some intervals throughout
the day.

Following liquid diets means consuming fewer calories in comparison to solid diets. This
can help in reducing weight. But, it should be done in a proper manner as suddenly
shifting to such a diet might create an imbalance in the body’s metabolism.


Therefore, it is necessary to follow liquid diets in a proper proportion. Liquid diets say
that you will get all, or at least most of the calories from drinks or liquids only.
Some liquid diets contain fruits & vegetable juices, or shakes, which replace the
entire day meals and should be taken three or four times a day. Also, it requires medical supervision.

On the other hand, some types of liquid diets replace just one or two meals (usually
breakfast and lunch) with drinks, and then the dinner should be healthy. Some
snacks can be taken while on this type of liquid diet.

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