Renee L. Richardson, M.Ed.

Do Men Hate Women? The Investment Scam

Women, how many times have you pondered the thought as to whether or not your man hated you or was in fact jealous of you? I have on countless occasions. There appeared to be signs of jealousy on behalf of my past mates whenever I would achieve something or even exempt that I had an expertise within a certain criteria. Such behaviors on behalf of the males of which I came into contact (male family members, male co-workers and males in general), made me sort of feel as if I were doing something wrong when verbalizing my opinions, points on issues or even nodding my head in disagreement about whatever was being discussed. All of my discussions with males concluded with my feeling as if I had just sparred with a professional boxer.

The Masculine Investment Scam

When the word “Masculine” is presented, we think of male and for this reason, we psychologically attach words like strength, dominate, aggressive, all knowing/ruler (Male God concept). In contrast, when we think feminine, we attach female/woman, dainty, passivity, and follower. Now, the words Masculine and Feminine are terms/concepts; a concept in its definition is: A scheme or a plan. Now, society promises via subliminal message that “Males” are powerful, successful, leaders while depicting “Women as followers of males, passive, less intelligent, weaker than males (emotionally, intellectually). In addition, as human beings, we invest in the things of which we feel familiar in the attempt to have successful outcomes right?

To men, we are merely investments; an investment in its definition: Property or possessions acquired for future financial return or benefit- Remember “Women” we were the property of men in this society- we were not their “Equals” Now, the word principle in its definition: A fixed or predetermined policy. How is the word principle a key factor when our intimate relationships are at stake? The investment is “us” the woman, the policy surrounding the investment is that the property will be of benefit; the benefit is OUTDATED- Once again, women have RIGHTS- We were NEVER PASSIVE- Enslaved Yes but passive NO- Our mere physical make-up and capabilities scream Masculinity not femininity in its concept used within this society. Now again the definition of concept is a scheme/plan and societies concepts/views of women have reverted to its natural origin in that women are by no means a lesser being in comparison to men; in fact we are genetically and physically superior- We have babies and we have complete DNA design. Two XX, two breast that work. DNA wise, men have one X and a Y and Y being a mutated X (an incomplete X-

So, this societies depiction of women has been misleading and unrealistic to nature and men have invested in the scam of which falsely allow them the belief that they are superior and that they are rulers; solely based on their genetic make-up. Hell, if I had invested in that scam, I would be furious as well, wouldn’t you? Investment gone bad-

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