Have you ever wondered if miracles still happen today? You might be surprised. But first, shouldn’t you ask, “Just what is a miracle anyway?” There is no way to know if miracles happen in modern society unless you truly know the definition of a miracle. Perhaps, your definition is different from someone else’s. This could change the outcome of the original question – “Do miracles occur in the modern world – in the twenty-first century?”

Most everyone has probably heard the stories, read the stories or been taught the stories of Jesus turning water into wine, walking on water, healing the sick, raising Lazarus and more. So, do such things happen today?
Miracles do happen today! They just might not appear as supernatural as the ones written about in the Bible. Let me share with you a list of miracles that happen every day.

• Conception – the creation of new life
• Giving birth
• A teenager choosing not to use drugs or alcohol
• The sun warming the Earth
• Getting a phone call from a friend just at the right moment
• A child learning to walk
• Leaving late because you can’t find you keys and unknowingly missing a terrible accident
• Finding an extra $20 in your pocket
• Helping the homeless or less fortunate
• Someone choosing to turn from his/her addiction and go to rehab
• A stranger smiling at you for no apparent reason
• Hearing and then saving a kitten from entrapment
• The body healing from disease – heart disease, cancer, simple cuts and bruises
• Being able to connect to one’s spirituality through spiritual practice

There are so many miracles that could be listed here. This is only a short list to get you thinking about the miracles that happen in your daily life. Yet, it is important not to just expect them to happen. You must be open to the miraculous, and you must pay attention - you must be aware. Numerous miracles happen, but no one pays attention and those miracles, even though they are real, go unnoticed and therefore, are believed not to have happened.

Of course, there are many things that happen in the world that people can spew forth when they want to rebut the occurrence of miracles in modern times: forest fires, hurricanes, devastating tornadoes, financial loss, health issues, etc.

Let’s consider these for a moment. They might be considered miracles instead. A forest fire removes the old and makes room for new growth. Hurricanes and other natural disasters often bring humanity together, which is the miracle to be found – though the power of nature is a grand miracle too whether or not we like the outcome. Financial loss may wake people up so that they may become more aware of what is really important. Physical health issues are signs of emotional and/or spiritual issues that should be dealt with. Few understand the importance of listening to the body, but the messages the body gives to you are phenomenal miracles if you only learn to listen.

So, again ask yourself the question, “What is a miracle?” Your answer just might be a bit different now after reading this. Keep your eyes and heart open as you move through your daily routine. You might just be surprised by all the miracles you encounter!

Author's Bio: 

Spiritual connections have always been at the forefront of Janelle Alex’s career. During her twenty-two years as a dance instructor she worked with thousands of students individually and in small group settings. She wanted her students to feel the Divine connection through dance and come to know the power of dance within one’s soul.

Focusing on how to benefit those she serves she has been a business owner since the age of 19. Her businesses are not the only place she is of help to others. She was a mentor to other students at St. Mary-of-the-Woods College during her senior year and even stayed on for 1 ½ years after graduation to mentor incoming students. She is currently the Co-Chair for the Student Liaison Board for the Global Program at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

With a degree in Psychology she questioned how she could blend her spirituality and the science of psychology. Finding a graduate program in Transpersonal Psychology was exactly what she was looking for. Completing her graduate education in Transpersonal Psychology with a specialization in Spiritual Psychology gives her the opportunity to research, study, and gain a better understanding of Eastern and Western spiritual traditions as well as how those go hand-in-hand with psychology. It is important to her that the knowledge she gains she does not keep to herself – she wants to share it with others – she wants to give back.
Janelle Alex believes whole-heartedly that there is more than just going to work every day and paying the bills; therefore, she helps people bridge the gap between their spirituality and day-to-day living. She, also, along with her husband, Rob Alex, helps couples expand upon their relationship by accessing their combined energy and their spirituality as a couple as well as individuals.

She has co-authored a Dream Journal, Speaking Kind Words, and Joyful Couples. She regularly releases articles and maintains a daily blog at www.inwardoasis.com.