Recently I heard Michelle on the phone chatting with a Realtor about some of the struggles he was having creating the business he really wanted. She told him over the years she’d met many agents who started out with a vision but soon realized that there was way more to this real estate thing than they realized. Parts they weren’t good at and parts they just simply hated doing, both of which get in the way of success and also lead to burn out.

So, as this Realtor inquired about the services of a Transaction Coordinator and exactly what having one could do to help them grow their business without losing their mind, it reminded me of one of the things that make me happy. Yes, you guessed it naps.

Sure, I like to chase lizards, watch the egrets on the lake and just yesterday I enjoyed watching a wild turkey was strutting its stuff in the back yard. Yet all those things, as great as they are aren’t what makes me the happiest. And if I spend too much time on those distractions it takes me away from what I love the best, NAPS!

As the call was winding up I heard Michelle ask the agent what their goals for this year were and then I heard her say “not just your sales goals, how about your personal goals, are you getting what you want from your real estate business or is it taking away from your personal life?”. That’s when it hit me and I wished I could have picked up the phone and chatted with the caller, clearly he was in need of some of my wisdom

Here’s the deal, when you find something that makes you happy do more of it. Of course, eating ice cream isn’t likely a good idea, but it’s not a bad on either, is it? What I mean by this is if you like being a Transaction Coordinator , then do more of that. If you like marketing, then do more of that. If you like being a Realtor, then do more of that. If you like spending time with your family and friends, then do more of that too.

Zen Advice: Figure out what you enjoy doing in your business and do more of it by finding people to help you do what you don’t. And then you can spend more time eating ice cream with your friends and family or napping like me.

Remember life is short. While cats have nine lives, you humans only have one. Make the most of it and spend more time doing the things that make you happy.

Sweet Dreams,


Office Manager Extraordinaire

PS – if you need a little help from contract to close , TMC has the BEST Transaction Coordinators around, just give the office a call.

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Michelle Spalding, Founder/CEO of Transaction Management Consultants, LLC. The company provides transaction management services to busy real estate professionals throughout the United States. With the help of a skilled Transaction Coordinator you could have all the things you wanted from your business. It’s time to hire a Transaction Coordinator. Outsource your Transaction Coordinator and listing coordination to the nation's leading real estate coordinating provider.