Who doesn't want his body in shape with toned muscles? Of course, everyone. Muscle building is very popular and in great demand among people. The Natural way to gain muscles is to work out properly and eat well. However, for some people, only workout and eating well is not just enough. This leads people to look out for muscle building supplements.

What Are Muscle Building Supplements?

If you do research on the Internet, you will find a list of numerous types of muscle gainers and protein supplements. These weight gainers and supplements are high-calorie supplements, known to help people to pack on the muscles.

These muscles gaining supplements have a varying amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and other supplements, such as creatine. By using these muscle gainer supplements, one can get around 320-1000 calories and 16-60 grams of protein. You can simply mix them with water and milk and consume before or after your workout. You can find some of the most common and effective supplements use for muscle building here

However, not all the supplements are effective for everyone, every time. Each supplement has its own side effects, depending on how it is being used and in what amounts.

Excessive use of supplements can give rise to side effects, including stomach cramps, muscle cramps, kidney stress, dehydration and unusual weight gain. One of the most common and highly recommended supplement for muscle building that is used by athletes and bodybuilders is Pure Nitro Max

Side Effects Associated with Muscle Building Supplements

As mentioned above, the use of muscle gainers can also negatively affect the human body. This may result in kidney stress, dehydration, unusual weight gain and other disorders.

Discussed below are some common side effects that are associated with muscle gainer supplements:

Unhealthy Weight Gain: Excessive consumption of muscle gaining supplements can make you gain unhealthy fat. In case your supplement intake does not match with your workout regimen, the calories utilized can get converted into fat, which is not a good sign with respect to your health.

Digestive Troubles: Some of these muscle-building supplements can cause diarrhoea, abdominal pain and bloat. As these protein supplements are derived from milk, so they have rich amounts of lactose. Those, who are intolerant to lactose, can end up having stomach ache and vomiting.

Kidney Damage: That protein present in these supplements is utilized by the body to produce ammonia as a byproduct, which is further converted into urea. This urea is removed from the body in form of urine.

This puts a lot of pressure on the kidneys as they are forced to filter huge amounts of urea and calcium from blood in people, who consume such supplements. Thus, excessive use of supplements for a longer period of time can develop risk of having impairment of kidneys, kidney stone and even renal failure.

Liver Damage: No matter how healthy that jar of protein supplement appears to you, these muscle building supplements have the potential to damage some of major organs in the body, including liver.

Having a diet, comprising of a lot of protein, but low in carbohydrates can take your body to the state of ketosis, wherein fat is utilized by the body as the primary source of energy. This leads to high blood acidity levels. Persistent high blood acidity is known to impair liver functions and may result in severe liver disorders.

Hair Loss: Insufficient vitamins, carbohydrates and fat make it difficult to maintain healthy hair, triggering telogen effluvium, characterized by heavy hair loss and balding.

When you work out in the gym and consume too much of protein supplements, you actually reduce your intake of vitamins, carbohydrate and fat, which may lead to the deficiency of these nutrients.

These are some side effects caused by excessive consumption of muscle gaining supplements. Hence, it's better to go natural for weight gain like eating healthy foods and working out daily under the guidance of an expert. For details about muscle building supplements please visit wellness diet solutions

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