Do you know what are the most common mistakes that the experts make while cleaning the office? Keep a thorough eye on the mistakes committed by the cleaners. Some common mistakes are listed below. Check whether your hired service for office cleaning in Artarmon is committing such mistakes. You must highlight their mistake at the very first step. Otherwise, it prevails and damages your property. So, here are some of the very common mistakes committed by the cleaners. 

office cleaning

Do not keep your things scattered

This is a measure to take from your end. Keep your desk organized. Scattered things on your desk often hinder the cleaning process. So, keep your things organized for opting for your ultimate goal for cleaning. 

Do not avoid the kitchen table

The office's kitchen tables are often avoided while cleaning the entire building. But, this is the messiest part of an office building. Therefore, kitchen tables are a crucial part that you should remind your experts to take care of while cleaning. 

Do not neglect the corners

Corners are often neglected while all the visible parts are cleaned thoroughly. So, clean the corners first and don't leave even one. Corners of the buildings are the breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria. 

Do not forget the mini bins

Most offices have mini bins beside every cubicle. You must dump all the waste into a big one. So, don't forget even one of them. All the wastages should go out of the office once the cleaning program ends. You should not compromise with the cleanliness and hygiene of your office building. 

Do not spray on the cabinets

Cabinets contain important files and papers. If any passage allows a slight chemical spray inside the cabinet, essential documents are destroyed. So, check that your cabinets are locked properly before you ask your hired experts to spray on them. Instead, you may ask the experts to apply any other method for cleaning the cabinets only. 

Do not apply a dry dusting 

The dry dusting method does not apply to the office. It creates more dust than reduces it. So, ask your experts not to apply this method in your office. Achieving 100% cleaning assurance should be your motto while you're hiring an expert.

Do not forget to keep your vacuum cleaner charged

Every time you vacuum your building, you need to charge the vacuum cleaner if it runs on battery. Don't forget to keep your cleaning tools charged. Cleaning tools are the backbone of a great cleaning process. So, compromising with the cleaning tools would be a compromise with the cleaning process. 

Do not scrub the carpet

Refrain yourself from scrubbing the carpet and ask your experts not to do so. Scrubbing the carpet would damage it and eventually it'll be nothing but an old rag. Therefore, give a gentle scrub to your carpet. 

Do not use wrong cleaning tools

Cleaning tools differ from residential to commercial. So, notice what tools your experts are using. Read a little about the exclusive commercial cleaning tools and make sure that your experts are using the proper tools for cleaning your office on time. 

So, these are the very usual mistakes that office cleaners in Artarmon commit. Make sure that your hired experts don't fall into the trap of such silly mistakes. Make your priorities clear and be sure of avoiding these mistakes on the very first notice. 

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The author works at an office cleaning in Artarmon and writes blogs about the office cleaners in Artarmon.