I thought it was a typical Swedish behavior to deny your own talent, but when I started to investigate this, the truth was not that simple. What about you, have you not got a compliment for something you have done, but just dismissed it instead of receive praise?

Since I spend most of my work time online, it fits me really good to get my mental coaching and guidance online too. And the one I picked for that is a successful and skilled guy called Ray Higdon. Many of my readers my recognize that name already. At some point Ray talked about his own background and his childhood. It was not a positive and successful experience. The truth is that he had several contacts with the police and other authorities, but he came to senses and discovered what needed to be done to change his life.

The Power Mind

Ray recently started a course called The Power Mind for a small group of invited people. I was fortunate to be one of the invited and that has been a very positive experience for me. And during one of the lessons this example came up. It was early in his career and Ray still felt insecure talking to large crowds. He was then invited to hold a presentation for a large audience and of course he felt nervous and insecure during the whole presentation. After the presentation a guy came up and wanted to congratulate Ray for a very good presentation. Ray dismissed the praise and told him he was not happy at all. Like many of us do when we get appreciation.

A man that overheard the short conversation came up to Ray and said something like this: – It is up to you if you don’t learn how to receive praise for what you accomplish, but what gives you the right to dismiss another person like you just did? What makes you a better and wiser man than the one you just dismissed?

It later showed that the man who asked Ray this a guy interested in and working with personal development, and the meeting led to the fact that this man became a mental coach for Ray himself. And a man he has learned a lot from. When I listened to what Ray told us, I realized that this is not a exception, but more the way we actually meet praise in most occasions.

So by denying our own talent, we are making two major mistakes. We are not making progress in our own personal development by the lack of celebration after taking a challenge. We are also missing out on a great opportunity to get to know a person who likes what we do, and might want to know more about what we can offer. Not the best example of good marketing if you ask me. And we might actually have offended that person.

Appreciate your talent

So my advice for today is to be pleased with what you have accomplished. It is the best you could do right now, right here. Receive praise and positive comments from other people. Don’t forget to tell them that you appreciate their views and are happy for it. You will both feel better and your own development has got a real boost.

If you are interested in finding out more about this course i referred to, it is at last available outside our small initial group. Ray is an excellent teacher and the whole course is truly great and you will see fast results. I know I have! Click this link and listen to what Ray has to say: The Power Mind: https://gv964.infusionsoft.com/go/tpmpep/a71

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